Alan Wake: The Signal – Walkthrough (Collectibles)

Launch the DLC and watch a brief history of past events. Wake up in a diner in Bright Falls. The Rocker Brothers will ask you to turn on the jukebox again. Go to the toilet; the mirror turns into a TV, and Zane contacts us. Obtain a flashlight with a revolver.

Bright Falls

Return to the diner; all visitors, along with the waitress, disappear. As you approach the kitchen exit, a thug bursts out. Defeat the enemies and take the first alarm clock (1) in the cooking area.

Go to the backyard; the possessed will attack. Reach the house along the path. Find a manuscript in the room and receive a mobile phone from Zane. A word appears in the corridor; burn it out and take a powerful flashlight. In the next room, find two more words – a flare gun and batteries.

Go outside and find yourself in the middle of the city of Bright Falls. Three TVs indicate that the street has gone crazy, and standing cars rush at Alan Wake. This prophecy comes true as soon as you step on the road. Run to the bookstore; the possessed will emerge inside.

Shoot back and exit through the back door. Immediately go right; there’s a cardboard figure (1) hidden around the corner of the store.

Climb over the fence using pallets. Go left; you’ll see words – burn them out and take the resources. There’s another cardboard figure (2).

Go back and cross to the other side along the destroyed asphalt. Thugs will attack on the site. Go up the stairs, burn the word, and take the resources. Go out onto the road; the headlights of abandoned cars will come on, and Zane will call. Move along the plot; jump over the fence between the buildings.


Restore memory by burning another word. See a signal flare in the distance; head there. Burn out the gate and reach the children’s playground; carousels will come to life. On the site near the fallen tree, find an alarm clock (2) on a bench.

Go to the church; the doors will be closed. Nearby transport comes to life again, and the word “key” appears. Burn it out, and Sarah will appear, opening the door to the temple. As you enter the church, see a cardboard figure (3) of Barry on the left.

Go down to the basement; there are many stoves below that you can easily set on fire with a flashlight.

Note: In the basement, you can get the achievement “Words Can’t Hurt” by lighting all the stoves. Find an alarm clock (3) on a chair in the corner near the stairs.


Get out into the street. A manuscript page flies in the parking lot; take it and burn out the words around. Burning the word “friends” makes Barry appear on the bench, and you receive the “True Friend” achievement. On the other side of the parking lot, go through the gate and up the stairs.

Knock down a piece of wood and climb onto the wooden structure. Select an improved flashlight and continue along the rocks. Pay attention to the word “boom”; when burned, it creates a bright explosion, helping kill opponents in batches.

In the forest, reach a clearing to watch the TV. Shoot back from the evil spirits, and a broken carriage on the rails will have an alarm clock (4) nearby. Be careful; it can be easily missed!

Run further through the fallen cars, selecting resources. Reach the tent, where there are words “boom” and “lantern.” Burn out the spotlight and turn it on. There will be an explosion in the tent, and inside, find an alarm clock (5).

Go out to the rock. The path is blocked by a cliff. Burn the word nearby and stand behind a huge spotlight. Burn out the words “bridge” flying overhead. Climbing into the carriage, find a cardboard figure (4) immediately to the right on the rock.


Later, reach an area with many electric poles. Descend a little and near the stones, find an alarm clock (6) behind a wooden fence.

Go down further and run to the lantern. The lights on the site periodically turn on, under which the possessed burn. After the checkpoint, find a cardboard figure (5) near the rock, to the left.

Climb up the crane and get over the fence. Barry will tell you to open the warehouse, but there’s no key yet. Take batteries from the box on the wall near the entrance. In the opposite corner, find a control panel. After leaving the warehouse, two large pickup trucks come to life, and thugs get out.

Note: You can get the “You Can’t Drive” achievement. To do this, don’t get behind the wheel of a car and overcome darkness with light. After leaving the warehouse, you’ll get the achievement.

After the battle, press the button under the canopy in the corner of the sawmill. Return to the warehouse, keeping to the left. Near a bundle of logs, find an alarm clock (7).

The possessed will attack at the warehouse, but there are gas cylinders scattered that can be exploded to deal with the whole crowd. Go up to the second floor and leave the warehouse on the other side.

Restore memory and pass to the left under the pier. On the way, the TV turns on, saying you are surrounded by enemies. This happens, and the possessed emerge. Shoot back, restore the stairs near the wall, and climb up. Reach the dilapidated pier (behind) and at the end, take an alarm clock (8).

Go back to the stairs, burn the words, and take the improved flashlight with batteries. Flyers are on the left. Follow the signal, guided by the mini-map, and pass through the labyrinth among the folded boards. Two big guys will come out, clearing the way. Deal with them and go to the next building. On the right is the entrance and resources, and on the left is a lattice fence, near which lies an alarm clock (9).

Enter the house, make your way through another labyrinth of boards, and shoot back from the possessed. Gas cylinders are at every corner, which can be used for quick and economical cleaning of the room. Go up to the second floor, go out into the backyard, and immediately turn right; around the corner, find the last cardboard figure (6).

Burn all the words on the site. Overturn the large board, turn on the remote control, and run to the makeshift bridge. Kill a small group of thugs and climb onto the roof. Jump into the pipe and find yourself at a photo shoot where Alice photographs Alan. Go out along the corridor to your apartments in New York. In Alan’s office, find the last alarm clock (10).

Next, meet with Zane, watch TV, and gather resources. Chaos begins in the room; try to burn out televisions and other flying objects. Afterward, the passage will be cleared. Jump off the balcony and repeat the burning procedure while protecting yourself from the big guys. Your task is to burn out a large TV. There will be 3 phases in total, and the last one ends at the pier.

If you defeat the final boss in 1:30 seconds, you will receive the “Fast and Furious” achievement. To do this, use a rocket launcher (shoot directly at the central TV).

After the battle, find yourself at Hartman’s reception.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the DLC: Signal for Alan Wake.

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