Life is Strange: Episode 3 Walkthrough

Hello everyone! Let’s dive into the walkthrough for the third episode of Life is Strange titled “Chaos Theory”. I will guide you to all the photo locations (a total of 10) and delve into the consequences of the choices you’ll make.

First, let’s revisit the decisions from previous episodes as we embark on the journey of Chapter 3 – Chaos Theory. Brace yourself for pivotal and challenging choices as the plot thickens.

Episode Three: Chaos Theory

Chapters list:

  1. Dormitories
  2. Main Campus
  3. High School
  4. Swimming Pool
  5. Chloe’s House
  6. Diner
  7. Alternative Reality


Photos – 1

Max had dozed off at her desk, only to be awakened by a text from Chloe. Eagerly, Chloe beckons Max to meet her behind the campus for some pressing news. Before leaving the room, there’s a chance to inspect our surroundings. Upon glancing at her plant, Max feels a sense of accomplishment: she has saved Chloe, then Kate, and now ensures Lisa, her plant, neither drowns nor withers.

Upon leaving the room, a surprise awaits: despite having saved Kate, her room is sealed off, much to Max’s dismay. Moving on, Dana’s door stands ajar on the left, beckoning us in for a talk.

Dana shares that Victoria has vacated the dorm. Curiosity piqued, we decide to snoop around Victoria’s room, conveniently located opposite ours.

Inside, Victoria’s laptop reveals a remorse-filled message to Taylor concerning Kate.

Elsewhere, a figurine poised for a photo (1) sits next to a shelf.

A deeper rummage unveils a dry cleaning receipt in the trash, indicating where Victoria had her paint-stained cashmere blouse cleaned. After a thorough room investigation, it’s clear that maybe our prejudices against Victoria were misplaced.

Exiting back into the corridor, a quick detour to the showers provides a chance to converse with Taylor and mend bridges. We can mention having seen Victoria sneaking out post-curfew. Taylor, in turn, commends us for rescuing Kate and concedes that maybe Victoria misjudged us.

Main Campus

Photos – 1

At the exit of the dormitories in the courtyard, an unexpected sight greets us: a squirrel energetically chasing fireflies. When we approach, the timid creature dashes away. However, with our ability to rewind time, we capture the perfect photo (2).

Heading towards the hostel’s exit, an inebriated school principal struggles to unlock the door. Seizing an opportunity, we rewind time and make a discreet exit, heading towards the main campus grounds.

Our path leads us to a central statue, where Chloe intercepts us. Our catch-up is interrupted by an exchange between Victoria and Jefferson, with the former flirting unabashedly, seeking advice on her competition photo. To our surprise, Jefferson discloses that he won’t be traveling to San Francisco since Max implicated him in Kate’s tragic suicide.

The conversation draws to a close, and Chloe suggests a stealth mission to Blackwell Academy to uncover some evidence.

High School

Photos – 2

Chloe and I sneaked into the school at night, making our way to the reception of the principal’s office. Chloe was already there, trying to unlock the door using a bunch of keys she’d swiped from her stepfather. Unfortunately, none of the keys fit. While pondering other entrance methods, Chloe attempted to jimmy the lock with a master key. I decided to inspect the key rack for clues.

Upon finding nothing of interest on the rack, I searched the drawers and table. Max then informed Chloe that the necessary keys aren’t present and suggested moving to plan B, which involves enlisting Warren’s help. Promptly, we called him up, asking how to concoct a mini-explosive to breach the door. He texted us the instructions, leading us on a quest for the essential ingredients.

The first ingredient, sugar, was found right in the principal’s reception room, resting on a shelf beside the pristine cups.

Next, we sourced a can of soda from a vending machine in the corridor.

Chlorine was the third item on our list. Venturing further down the hallway, we entered the chemistry lab – the first door to our left.

The chlorine was stored in a cabinet near a skeleton. Recognizing her short reach, Max opted to drag over a chair to retrieve the chemical rather than straining fruitlessly.

Before exiting the chemistry lab, we couldn’t resist snapping a photo (3) of a skeleton humorously posed with a cigarette between its teeth.

In the same room, near the window, we noticed an aquarium. The fish inside appeared dormant. After examining the aquarium using the “Look” action, we turned it on and snapped a photo (4).

Before leaving, it’s crucial to remember to shut off the aquarium to keep the fish safe. A quick stop by the teacher’s desk revealed test results. Noticing Warren’s less-than-stellar grade of 5-, we adjusted it to a more favorable 5+.

Our last ingredient, tape, was located in Jefferson’s office at the corridor’s end, conveniently placed near the printer.

While there, Max was captivated by competition photos displayed on the teacher’s desk, especially an evocative shot featuring Victoria.

After collecting all our necessary components, we regrouped with Chloe, and together, breached the door lock.

Upon triggering the alarm, we hastily make our way to Wells’ office. Using Max’s unique power, we rewind time to just before the explosion, then swiftly unlock the door for Chloe. She’ll express astonishment at our quick reflexes, and together we delve into the principal’s office.

In this room, an opportunity presents itself for a photo moment. We capture Chloe, poised thoughtfully at the desk.

The principal’s desk contains a letter addressed to Miss Grant. The content reveals that the principal has approved her petition, thus deciding against installing surveillance cameras around the school’s perimeter. It becomes evident that our decision to sign the petition played a pivotal role. Had we disregarded Miss Grant’s plea in the first episode, the school would now be riddled with cameras.

In the lockers adjacent to the window, we uncover dossiers about Rachel and Chloe. Another cupboard reveals documents about ourselves, Victoria, and Warren. Notably, our brave act of saving Kate from a tragic end is documented in our file.

In a concealed locker, we discover a bottle of whiskey – it seems the principal has a penchant for drinking. We move to another desk, switch on the lamp, and examine the most recent dossier on Kate Marsh.

Chloe then beckons us over. Having sifted through Wells’ computer, she’s stumbled upon something intriguing. A peculiar drawing is found in the personal correspondences, captioned “Rachel in the dark room”. This revelation indicates that David’s surveillance wasn’t solely focused on Kate Marsh but extended to Rachel as well.

Our objective is to uncover the link between Chloe’s stepfather, the enigmatic disappearance of Rachel, and Nathan Prescott.

As we’re about to depart, Chloe spots an envelope on the principal’s desk, containing $5,000. The decision whether she should pocket it rests on us:

LEAVE THE MONEY – Without the envelope in her possession, Chloe’s room will remain unchanged. Specifically, her phone’s wallpaper featuring Rachel remains intact. In a subsequent episode, Chloe will reproachfully remind Max of her decision against taking the money. Outside the hostel, a notice declares that the residual funds will be allocated to enhance a section of the access road. This choice brings Max a sense of contentment. However, a future confrontation with Frank becomes increasingly challenging without the financial leverage.

STEAL THE MONEY – Ecstatic, Chloe revels in her newfound riches, dubbing herself the “queen of the world” during a pool visit. The subsequent day, the envelope graces her room, emanating a vibe of satisfaction and relaxation. Max internally grapples with guilt over the decision but takes solace in aiding her closest friend. This action will undeniably influence Chloe’s choice in phone screensavers. Later, a summons from a police officer invites us to the station for an inquiry. A poster outside the hostel reveals the postponement of the aforementioned road improvements. During discussions with Frank, armed with the money, persuasion becomes significantly easier.

In this walkthrough, the choice made was to TAKE MONEY.

Even if we pocket the money, the likelihood of repercussions seems slim. Moreover, it’s worth noting that these funds aren’t being siphoned from the needy or underprivileged, but from the principal, who intended to use them for road enhancements.

Having made our decision, we make our way towards the exit.

Swimming Pool

Chloe is keen on continuing the adventure and suggests we visit the Blackwell Academy pool.

Excited, we decide to accompany her for some fun. Engaging in a conversation with Chloe, we then venture to explore the locker rooms. Opting for the men’s locker room, we inspect Nathan’s locker, discovering an array of drugs. In Zachary’s locker, we uncover his personal exchanges with Victoria. Warren’s locker reveals a shared photograph of ours, and in Logan’s, we spot a note addressed to Dana.

A trip to the restroom reveals walls adorned with intriguing graffiti. From there, we head to the pool area, where the entrance to the women’s locker room beckons. Following the wall to the left, the initial door leads to the coach’s office, and the subsequent one into the locker room.

Inside, the lockers offer a glimpse into personal lives: Kate’s locker reveals her intent to flee the city; Victoria’s showcases a selfie; and Brooke’s contains a brochure for a drive-in movie, indicating her plans to watch it with Warren.

Having gathered this intel, we rejoin Chloe, who directs us to activate the pool lights. Heading into the coach’s office, we switch on the illumination via the control panel.

Additionally, in a remote corner of the pool, a list reveals attendees for an upcoming party hosted by the local Cyclone club. If previously at odds with Courtney, and consequently not on the list, this is the moment to add our name. However, be warned: in the fourth episode, Courtney will spot this addition, barring our entry to the VIP.

For those feeling mischievous, names can be removed just for fun. I refrained from any changes, as Courtney had already added my name to the guest list.

It’s finally time for a swim. As we enjoy the water, we engage in light banter with Chloe. The two discuss Max’s unique abilities and eventually, Chloe inquires about Max’s feelings toward Warren.

However, the relaxation is short-lived. As the duo prepares to exit the pool, a guard’s presence is noted at the hall’s far end. Panic ensues. Dashing through the locker room towards the exit, another beam from a flashlight becomes visible. Realizing the need for discretion, we retreat and find a hiding spot. It turns out the guard is none other than David, Chloe’s stepfather. The challenge now is to evade the guards and make a discreet exit from the academy.

Dodging David (and manipulating time if necessary), we again approach the pool area. Chloe greets us, and together, the pair manages a successful escape.

Chloe’s House

Photos – 2

We awoke in Chloe’s bed, and the first thing we did was to take a selfie. Reaching for our camera, we snapped a few shots.

After talking with Chloe, we got out of bed and looked around the room. It was filled with references to Rachel and several childhood photos of us together. Our belongings were neatly arranged on a chair close to the table.

Max hesitated to put on her clothes due to the lingering smell of bleach. Chloe then suggested we look for something to wear in her closet, offering us something from Rachel’s collection, since she still has many of her clothes.

As we stood by the closet, an intimate moment presented itself where we could choose to kiss Chloe:

KISS CHLOE – Surprised, Chloe would jokingly remark about informing Warren that he stood no chance. In the fourth episode, upon returning from an alternate reality, Max would feel the urge to kiss Chloe once again. The memory of this kiss would stay with Chloe, especially during their embraces. Later in the episode, Warren would message us, signaling his understanding and lack of hard feelings. By the fifth episode, this kiss would lead Max to inscribe in her diary that Chloe is more than just a friend. Furthermore, if we decide to kiss her now, a second, more poignant kiss would occur at the climax of the fifth episode, on a cliff during their farewell.

DON’T KISS CHLOE – Choosing not to kiss would certainly sadden Chloe. She would teasingly tell Warren that he’s secured his place and that Max is “his”. Come the fourth episode, a relieved Warren would message us, expressing his gratitude that we chose neither him nor Chloe. Consequently, in the fifth episode, Chloe might decline a potential kiss. Max’s diary would then simply state that Chloe remains her best friend.

My personal choice was the first option: KISS.

After dressing up, we prepared to exit the room. However, before heading downstairs, we decided to peek into the bathroom located to the right.

At the same time, we will receive a thank you message from Kate. We take a photo (6) in the bathroom.

After that, you can go down to the first floor. But again, we are not in a hurry and do not start talking with Joyce, first we go into the hall – after certain actions we will be able to take another photo. A bird will sit on the closet in the hall.

We open the window.

Let’s go scare the bird.

Then she will move to the fireplace – again we frighten. When she flies out the window, we go out into the backyard.

This bird itself sits at the far fence – we take a photo (7).

Now you can return to the house and talk to Joyce.

She will mistake us for Rachel and comment that the outfit suits us well. Then she will ask what we’d like for breakfast – pancakes or eggs with bacon.

If you chose pancakes, the eggs are next to each other in a paper bag with food, and milk is on the dining table in the hall.

If you chose eggs with bacon, we will also find eggs in a paper bag, and bacon in the refrigerator.

Before carrying Joyce’s groceries, it doesn’t hurt to listen to the answering machine. There will be a message from the officer that Chloe’s car was seen on the Blackwell Academy grounds the night the Principal’s office was robbed. Joyce will also hear this, so we rewind time back and erase the message.

You can now bring the ingredients to Joyce. While she cooks, a conversation will begin. She will reminisce about Rachel and regard us as the most loyal and best friend for Chloe, since Joyce knows that we took the blame for the marijuana.

After the conversation, we sit down at the table, wait for Joyce to bring breakfast and start eating. After a while, Joyce sits down to us with a photo album.

A little later, Chloe will come down, have a little bite with mom and send us to search the garage.

First of all, we immediately go to the laptop.

True, it will require a password. It is hidden somewhere here so that you do not waste time looking for and choosing the right combination, I will say right away that the password is in the visor of the car.

We return to the laptop and when entering the password, select – 11-27-08.

Inside we will find a lot of information about all the suspects according to David. Max will immediately want to tell this to Chloe. We leave the garage. At the same time, we will receive a message from Taylor – she thanks us for taking care of Kate.

We talk with Chloe, after a couple of minutes David comes and the conflict begins. Chloe will accuse him of paranoia and excessive surveillance of students. At this point, we can step in and support one of them:

SIDE WITH DAVID – Chloe will be offended and will definitely remember this incident more than once. In the last episode, Max will say that she has no regrets about supporting David.

SIDE WITH CHLOE – David will go to the hotel. Joyce will ruin the wedding photo and write a note telling David to leave the house before she arrives. In the garage there will be an unfinished letter from David to Joyce. In the fifth episode we will be able to talk to Joyce and convince her to forgive David.

My choice is to SUPPORT CHLOE.

Max will lay the whole truth out by telling Joyce about the security cameras in the house, as well as the photographs and personal files of Kate Marsh and Rachel Amber. As a result, she will offer David to move out for a while.

After the scandal, we approach Chloe and leave the house.


As they approached the diner, Max disclosed to Chloe the photos she found of Rachel with Frank in David’s possession. This discovery implies a deeper connection between Rachel and Frank, particularly given Frank’s possession of her bracelet.

The duo resolved to inspect Frank’s van.

Arriving at the diner, they spotted Frank having his breakfast, with his van conveniently parked outside. However, gaining access to the van was a challenge, given it was locked and housed an irate dog. Chloe tasked Max with retrieving the keys using her rewind ability while she sought a bone to distract Pompidou, Frank’s dog.

Before entering the diner, Max is drawn towards the road. On the opposite side, there’s a red trucker truck. As Max attempts to photograph it, the driver interrupts with a curt “Hey! No photo, girl!”.

Initiating a conversation with him doesn’t prove fruitful at first, as he grumbles about his underpaid job in the town and his desire, yet inability, to leave. Following this talk, Max rewinds time to the moment before she tried taking the photo and engages him again.

This time, armed with the knowledge of the “1977 Needham“, she compliments his vehicle.

Choosing the “Rachel Amber” dialogue option subsequently makes him more amicable, allowing Max to capture a photo (8) of the truck.

Continuing around the back of the diner, Max comes across a dead bird swarmed by ants, which she photographs (9).

A little further on, a homeless woman is seated. Engaging in conversation, the woman eventually presents Max with an option to either reveal the truth about the impending storm or withhold it.

Tell the truth – In a later episode, the spot where the woman usually resides will be empty, as she decided to seek safer shelter based on Max’s warning. When Max encounters her at the diner in the fifth episode, the woman expresses her gratitude for the genuine concern and the warning Max provided.

Nothing to tell – Tragically, in the fifth episode, Max will find the woman’s body near the diner. If Max subsequently visits “Two Whales”, the homeless woman will reflect on the completion of her life’s journey and express hope that Max can assist others.

In my playthrough, I opted for the truth. The choice seemed evident, as warning her would only ensure her safety.

After these encounters, Max can finally step into the diner to converse with Frank, who’s settled at a corner table on the left.

As expected, he won’t engage with us. Therefore, we rewind time and approach the policeman. He commends us for saving Kate Marsh. We can discuss David with him, and also inquire about the Prescott family. The officer mentions that the Prescotts once aided his family in exchange for a favor. The conversation ends there.

We rewind time once more and converse with him again. This time, in the dialogue, we choose the option “Deal with the Prescotts”. He elaborates that, in return for the assistance received, he’s obligated to monitor Nathan to ensure he stays out of trouble. We file away this information.

We then approach Nathan. He becomes hostile, especially when we mention Kate Marsh, immediately issuing threats. We learn more about his father (whom Nathan labels as an “asshole”), and upon querying about Rachel and Frank, Nathan reveals they both frequently used drugs.

Out of curiosity, we explore another branch of dialogue. Initiating another conversation with Nathan, we choose “Drugs for sale”. Nathan hints that using the code phrase “Higher education” with Frank will give us access to whatever drugs we desire. However, Frank refuses to engage in any deal with us.

The ideal approach is to confront Nathan with the option “Cop’s information” Max informs Nathan that the officer at the counter is keeping tabs on him on his father’s behalf.

Reactively, Nathan pushes back and drops hints about Rachel’s connection with Frank. Rewinding time, we strike up another conversation with Nathan, this time selecting the dialogue option “Blood Oath“.

Armed with the needed information from Nathan, we confront Frank, questioning him about Rachel’s photos.

He reluctantly empties his pockets, revealing a photo. The van keys also appear on the table. Seizing the opportunity, we swiftly grab them, rewind time, and return to Chloe.

Outside, we have another chance to help Alice. A passing car splashes her with water from a puddle. Approaching Alice, we rewind time and advise her to step aside.

Afterwards, we talk with a fisherman before heading to the trailer where Chloe awaits by the door. As we join her, she hands us a dog bone. As the van doors swing open, a fierce dog, Pompidou, lunges out. Faced with a decision, we can:

THROW TOWARDS THE ROAD – The dog will be put in danger. In Nathan’s room, a photograph of the deceased Pompidou can be found. In the fourth episode, without the dog in the van, Chloe won’t accidentally (or deliberately) harm Frank.

THROW IN THE PARKING LOT – Pompidou survives. In the fourth episode, the presence of the dog in the trailer results in Chloe harming Frank.

I chose not to harm the dog, so the obvious choice was TO THE PARKING.

Pompidou peacefully enjoys his bone, and we enter the trailer. There, we examine the surroundings to better understand Frank. In the back, our attention is drawn to a ventilation grill.

Unable to open it manually, we need a tool. Heading to the kitchen, we find a knife on the table, next to some leftover pizza.

Opening the grill, we discover a notebook filled with photographs and memories of Rachel, confirming their close relationship.

Handing the notebook to Chloe evokes a flood of emotions. She’s deeply hurt and angered to learn Rachel had a relationship with Frank and kept it a secret. In frustration, Chloe storms out, flinging the van keys onto the roof.

In the vehicle, Max tries to console Chloe, advising her against blaming others for her challenges. Chloe remains defiant. I then chose the option “Grow up”. Max reminds Chloe that she isn’t the only one with problems, referencing Kate Marsh. Chloe retorts, blaming her father for all her struggles.

Here, we further clarify: William or David?

The obvious answer is William.

Chloe continues, expressing her feelings of abandonment after her father’s death and her mother’s lingering guilt over the car accident that took William’s life (since William was driving Joyce to work).

The conversation becomes tense. Chloe drives us to the dorm, where we head up to our room.

Alternative Reality

Photos – 1

While sitting on her bed, Max uncovers a newfound ability – the power to traverse into alternate realities through photographs. As she nostalgically gazes at an old childhood photo with Chloe, reminiscing about their carefree days, the photo begins to mysteriously distort.

To proceed, you’ll need to focus on the photo by adjusting its clarity. This transports Max back to her childhood, at age 13, during a time when Chloe’s father, William, was still alive.

They both begin to cook. While they’re occupied, we take a moment to observe our surroundings. On the kitchen cabinet next to them, there’s a camera. We pick it up and capture what will be the final photograph in the third episode of “Life is Strange” (10).

Within the kitchen, you’ll find Chloe’s beloved old magazine. On the dining table, there’s a manga featuring a protagonist with blue hair, possibly inspiring Chloe’s future hair color.

You can also leave graffiti on the lower right corner of the fireplace; it will manifest in the real world later.

Soon, a phone call interrupts – it’s Joyce. William answers, and following their talk, he announces his departure to pick her up from work. He then searches for his car keys. To prevent the forthcoming tragedy, players must let William find the keys, rewind time, and then collect them before he does. They’re located under a hat on a small coffee table in front of the TV in the hallway.

Players should then dispose of the keys outside.

A cutscene follows, showing William’s fruitless search for the keys. Following Max’s suggestion, he opts for the bus, thereby avoiding his fatal accident.

The scene shifts, transporting players to an adult Max’s life in this altered reality. Here, William’s survival has led to numerous changes, including within Max’s own life. She finds herself surrounded by the Cyclone Club members, with Victoria behaving as if they’ve been lifelong friends.

Warren, on the other hand, is romantically involved with Stella.

Shaken by the unfolding events, Max abruptly leaves to visit Chloe. At the bus stop, the bus is driven by none other than David, Chloe’s stepfather in the primary reality. As she travels to Chloe’s house, the journey reveals familiar sights of Arcadia Bay, except for a disturbing scene near the diner: beached whales.

Upon reaching Chloe’s home, Max is confronted by an even more heart-wrenching sight.

Although William survived, Chloe paid a heavy price for his survival. Max’s intervention in fate had profound consequences.

This concludes the walkthrough of the third episode of Life is Strange, with all 10 photos collected and various choices explored.

Up next is the walkthrough of Life is Strange’s fourth episode titled “Dark Room”.

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