Life is Strange: Episode 4 Walkthrough

Greetings! Welcome to a detailed walkthrough of the fourth episode of Life is Strange titled “Dark Room”. We’re nearing the crux of the story; all that remains is to gather the outstanding evidence and unveil the mystery surrounding Kate.

Episode 4: Dark Room

Chapters list:

  1. Alternative Beach
  2. Alternative Chloe’s House
  3. Chloe’s House
  4. Dormitories
  5. Boys’ Dormitories
  6. Beach
  7. Chloe’s House – Investigation
  8. Old Barn
  9. Swimming Pool – Party

Alternative Beach

As we walk alongside Chloe on the embankment, we admire her courage and in return, she thanks us for the unwavering support. During our conversation, we learn that Chloe’s accident involved the very car William gifted her – an incident he continues to feel guilty about. We can inquire further about the accident.

Chloe recounts how another driver forced her off the road, leading her to lose control and crash into a ditch. She recalls the chilling sensation of her vertebra snapping – the last thing she physically felt. The ensuing moments felt like a nightmare: waking up in a hospital bed with a body paralyzed from the neck down. As our conversation drifts to memories of a happier past, Chloe mentions feeling cold and suggests heading home.

In this reality, Chloe’s demeanor has changed. She avoids cursing, drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes and is focused on her studies. She never even crossed paths with Rachel Amber.

Alternative Chloe’s House

After our beach stroll, we return to Chloe’s residence. She requests a glass of water, which we find on a nearby cabinet.

Post-accident, most friends, if not all, distanced themselves from Chloe, conveniently forgetting her existence. Reminiscing about our shared childhood deeply saddens Max, especially seeing Chloe in her current state. Chloe laments the loss of simple joys, like gathering with friends to watch a movie.

Our curiosity about her childhood memories from this alternative reality can be satiated here. Generally, our shared past doesn’t deviate much from the primary timeline. We can also learn about the Price family’s financial struggles in this reality, stemming from Chloe’s medical bills and inadequate insurance coverage.

Following the talk, Chloe suggests watching a movie, reminiscent of the good old days. We find the DVD under the TV, along with the DVD player.

Turning on the film, we join Chloe, soaking in the shared moment and relishing the movie.

They drift off to sleep while watching the movie. By morning, Chloe requests morphine for pain relief. You can take a moment to look around the room and notice the stark differences in Chloe’s personality – the teddy bear, neatly arranged belongings, and the room’s pristine condition. On the dresser, there’s a photograph from when Max was transported back to their childhood. Interestingly, in the alternate reality, this room is a garage.

After inspecting the room, proceed to the hallway. On the left, there’s a notice of overdue medical payments. Interestingly, upon entering the hallway, Victoria texts Max, expressing concern and wondering if she’s upset about something. If you examine Max’s messages, you’ll see her alternative persona – indulging in marijuana, recklessly spending her parents’ money, and fraternizing with the Cyclone club members.

Beside the overdue notice, there’s an Eiffel Tower figurine. Examining it unlocks a new dialogue option with William.

Engage in a conversation with William. He’ll appreciate the distraction from his financial troubles. Share your thoughts about Chloe and commend William for being an exemplary father. You can also inquire about their Paris trip. Once done, make your way upstairs.

You’ll find the morphine Chloe needs in the bathroom’s white cabinet, on the left side.

Optionally, you can enter Chloe’s old room, which now appears vastly different – completely empty. Afterwards, step into the upstairs bedroom and converse with Joyce.

She speaks fondly of William, referring to him as a hero. On the table, there’s a letter indicating the decline in Chloe’s respiratory health. After examining the room, return to Chloe’s side.

Hand over the morphine and indulge in more conversation. She will request a photo album located on the dresser near the window.

While viewing the album and reminiscing, you’ll come across a childhood photo of Chloe. Max contemplates another journey through the photograph. Before doing so, Chloe presents a heart-wrenching request – to end her life and spare her further agony.

You’re faced with a pivotal choice (though it doesn’t influence the main narrative):

  • Agree: Chloe, in this alternate world, expresses her gratitude. In episode five, while trying to stop Chloe, Max reveals she helped in the other reality solely to alleviate her suffering.
  • Refuse: Chloe feels hurt and betrayed in the alternate timeline. In the fifth episode, Max admits she couldn’t bring herself to end Chloe’s life and returned to this reality just for her.

My personal choice was to Refuse.

Finally, after bidding Chloe farewell, Max concentrates on the photo, preparing to journey back in time. The ensuing scene replicates the previous flashback, but this time, Max doesn’t intervene and lets William drive away, sealing his fate. When she returns to the primary timeline, a flood of emotions hits, prompting Max to embrace Chloe.

Chloe’s House

Photos – 2

Upon returning to our world, we find ourselves in Chloe’s room. The first thing you can do is capture a moment with your friend sitting at the table: photo (1).

Next, check the board behind and engage in a conversation with Chloe.

The girls realize they lack concrete evidence and decide to search David’s garage for any missing information. As you step into the corridor, a blue jay flits past – it’s trapped indoors.

You have the choice to either leave it or help it find its way out. To assist, open the window to your right. Then, head to the bathroom to shoo the bird away.

It’ll then perch on the staircase; scare it again, prompting it to move to a wall shelf and eventually out the window.

On the first floor, you’ll encounter David, who’s about to leave. From his expression, it’s clear he’s upset about his disagreement with Joyce.

Proceed to the garage to begin your investigation. Some notable findings include:

  • A note from the Prescotts thanking David for his assistance with Nathan, located on the right side box.
  • An unfinished letter from David to Joyce on a nearby table.
  • Tucked away behind a board near the garage door, there’s a jay’s nest. Shift the board to take photo (2). It’s advisable to replace the board after photographing to avoid receiving an image of a destroyed nest from Joyce later on.

Your main objective here is the metal cabinets. Max quickly deduces there’s no time to look for the combination and suggests another way in.

Retrieve a crowbar from a table and use it to pry open the locked cabinet, collecting the last piece of evidence.

Now, head back to Chloe and make your way to the hospital to visit Kate.

Before entering her room, Chloe apologizes for her earlier outburst regarding answering Kate’s call at the diner. Inside, have a talk with Kate, who expresses her gratitude once more. The room is adorned with balloons and get-well-soon wishes.

After your hospital visit, the next destination is the dormitories to search Nathan’s room.


Photos – 2

Upon arriving at the dorms, we’re greeted by Jefferson. He’s understanding and harbors no resentment for our mentioning his name in the rector’s office. In the courtyard, Samuel can be found on a distant bench. Engage him in conversation, first selecting “Animals” and then “Squirrels”.

This sequence is crucial for capturing a photo. Post-talk, Samuel throws food out for the squirrels. With one squirrel approaching, you can lure a second using the animal treats box beside Samuel. Once both are present, snap photo (2).

Once both are present, snap photo (3).

Further on, beyond a fence, a stack of stones awaits your attention. Photograph it to get picture (4).

Nearby, Daniel stands by a tree. Through conversation, encourage him to attend the Cyclone club party, particularly emphasizing your admiration for his drawings.

Approach Brooke next. She’s engrossed with her quadcopter, close to where Samuel and Miss Grant are.

Inquire about Nathan.

Although she’s a bit distracted by Warren’s movie invitation, she provides useful intel: Nathan left the campus earlier in the day.

Return to Chloe and proceed to the men’s dormitory.

Boys’ Dormitories

Photos – 1

As you delve into the dormitory, Chloe remains on lookout. Your initial task is to turn right, approaching a window.

Look outside to see distinct footprints on the ground, which can be captured as photo (5).

If you previously had a meaningful conversation with Kate in the hospital, you’ll receive a message on your phone from her, pinpointing Nathan’s room number, 111. Alternatively, you can easily identify his room from the name inscribed on his door.

With no keys on hand, Max opts to break the door lock using a fire extinguisher. It’s advisable to rewind time afterward to erase evidence of the break-in and to avoid potential threats from Nathan.

Inside Nathan’s room, a myriad of unsettling items await: eerie pictures on the bed, Chloe’s note and photograph in the closet, an email from Nathan’s father on the computer, scattered pills near a couch, a magazine, numerous DVDs, and many posters. However, your main point of interest should be the scratches on the floor near the couch. Inspecting them leads to the discovery of evidence behind the couch.

Exiting the room, it’s again a good idea to rewind time to ensure the door remains closed. After reuniting with Chloe and presenting your findings, Nathan suddenly appears, leading to a tense confrontation. Thankfully, Warren intervenes, and the situation escalates. You’re faced with a choice:

  1. Stop Warren. Nathan retains his weapon. In the fifth episode, Jefferson mentions your inflated sense of morality for intervening.
  2. Stand By. Chloe manages to disarm Nathan, which could later result in Frank’s potential death if we were unarmed previously. In the fifth episode, Jefferson points out your inaction, suggesting a moral alignment with him.

My personal choice? STOP WARREN.

Post-confrontation, take a moment to thank Warren for his bravery before Chloe suggests a visit to Frank at the beach.


Photos – 1

Upon reaching the beach, Chloe decides to arm herself with a gun, much to Max’s dismay. Exiting the car, you can capture a photograph of the stranded whales on your right (6).

Proceed towards the trailer to initiate a conversation with Frank. Note that this dialogue can be tricky; to ensure a peaceful resolution, it’s crucial to navigate the conversation with tact, given Frank’s temperamental nature.

Follow these steps:

  • Begin by handing over the money.
  • Apologize by selecting “I’m sorry.”
  • Admit “You scared me.” Frank will remind you of your confrontation at the landfill where Max defended Chloe.
  • Express affection for canines with “I love dogs.” Frank will appreciate this, recalling how he rescued his dog, Pompidou.
  • Then, discuss the “Rachel Photo”, highlighting their close relationship.

By following this dialogue sequence, Frank provides the client list, completing your evidence collection. This outcome ensures everyone remains unharmed. Veering off this path may result in various negative consequences, including harm to both Frank and Pompidou.

Chloe’s House – Investigation

Back in Chloe’s room, approach the board filled with clues, starting with the evidence from Frank. For clarity, here’s a breakdown:

  • Frank’s Evidence:
    1. Choose the notebook and the paper listing names.
    2. Identify Nathan’s nickname (Roth) and select the corresponding buyer sheets.
  • David’s Evidence:
    1. Opt for the paper with coordinates, the car license plate photo, and the fight image.
    2. Select the pertinent coordinates (bottom right) and both car pictures (top and right).
  • Nathan’s Evidence:
    1. Pick the dossier, number sheet, phone, and SIM card.
  1. Unlock the phone using either the PUK or the PIN. For the PUK method, block the phone by inputting three incorrect PINs, followed by the PUK code (87897808 from the SIM card). Alternatively, the PIN method requires Nathan’s birthday (0829).

The final task involves piecing together the evidence to uncover Nathan’s actions post-party:

  • At the top, pick the middle correspondence where Nathan requests drug delivery from Frank.
  • Below, select the right sheet indicating “Mouth” procured drugs at 11:00 PM on the party day.
  • At the bottom, choose the barn photo.

Having assembled the clues, approach Chloe to analyze the barn’s location. The investigation reveals it’s owned by the Prescotts. Your next destination is the barn.

Old Barn

Photos – 2

Upon arrival, fresh tire tracks are immediately noticeable. This indicates recent activity, and the girls deduce the need to investigate. While Chloe stays at the gate to figure out an entry, we explore an alternate way in.

Walking around the barn’s left side, there’s a bird perched on a wooden fence. Approach the bird, and if it flies away, rewind time to capture the moment, taking a photo (7).

To the right corner of the barn, a metal sheet can be shifted aside, revealing an entrance. Call Chloe over, signifying you’ve found a way inside.

The next objective is to gather more evidence.

Toward the end of the wooden shed, we examine the ground and discover a hatch secured with a padlock.

To unlock it, notice a hook on a nearby wooden column. Attach this hook to the padlock.

Then, locate a wooden platform to climb. Interact with it, prompting Max to ask Chloe for assistance in scaling it.

Once atop, drag an engine downward, enabling you to reach the uppermost level. Behind the hay bales in the attic, snap a photo of the owl (8).

Rewind time to position the engine at its original height and tie a rope to it.

Push the engine to break the lock, allowing you to access the hatch and descend into the Prescott darkroom.

The darkroom houses an iron door leading to a bunker. To unlock it, engage with the keypad on the left. Given the visibly worn-out keys, the correct code is 542.

Inside the bunker, discover a stash of food, water, a psychiatrist’s letter about Nathan’s disturbing mental state, a bill detailing the bunker’s construction costs, and a collection of high-end photography equipment. Amidst these, there’s a plethora of unsettling paintings.

Crucially, the bunker reveals insights about the missing Rachel. Explore the cabinet near the desktop. It contains bulky folders labeled with student names, including Kate, Rachel, and Victoria (though Victoria’s folder is empty). It becomes evident that Kate and Rachel were drugged and photographed in compromising positions within this bunker. Rachel’s body, however, couldn’t handle the drugs.

The evidence suggests Rachel’s location is the landfill. Chloe’s immediate impulse is to head there. The following cutscene is heart-wrenching, revealing Rachel’s remains and capturing the profound sorrow of the friends.

In the aftermath of this discovery, a vengeful Chloe sets her sights on the “End of the World” party at the Cyclone club.

Swimming Pool – Party

Photos – 2

Upon arriving, Chloe, filled with resolve, makes a beeline for the academy’s pool where the “End of the World” party is in full swing. On the way, we encounter a tipsy Warren. He expresses gratitude for intervening during his altercation with Nathan and preventing him from doing something regrettable. Warren then suggests a joint selfie before allowing us to proceed.

We enter through the main entrance.

In the locker room, Stella is present. Engaging in a conversation, we uplift her spirits and request her to notify us if she spots Nathan. She promises to send a text message in response.

Once inside the pool area, a photograph of the two moons (9) can be captured through the right window.

Near the pool’s left side, we encounter Alice. An incoming rubber banana causes her to topple into the water. Rewinding time lets us warn her, marking the fourth time we’ve done so.

Having saved Alice three times previously, she now recites lines from Robert Frost’s works. In the forthcoming fifth episode, she will reciprocate by saving us from a perilous flying sign.

Venturing into the restroom, a graffiti of a skeleton beneath Justin is noticed. We take a whimsical picture (10) and proceed to inquire Justin about Nathan’s whereabouts. Justin speculates Nathan might be in the VIP section.

On attempting to enter the VIP zone, a girl obstructs our passage. She mentions that the task should have been Courtney’s. Two options arise:

Since our previous interactions with Courtney were amicable, she included us on the VIP list. We can locate her by the bar and explain the situation, and she will graciously grant us access.

Alternatively, a more elaborate procedure can be employed. A large reel, found by the pool’s side, obstructs a pathway. Pushing it into the water inadvertently pulls in a speaker, halting the music and causing a commotion. Rewinding time post this incident lets us enter the VIP area unobstructed.

Inside, we converse with Juliet, Dana, and notably Victoria. Informing Victoria about Nathan’s intentions presents two choices:

  1. THE DARK ROOM: This will result in Victoria seeking help from Mark Jefferson, culminating in her capture and eventual demise.
  2. DON’T WARN HER: Victoria remains unharmed.

I opted for NO WARNING.

Subsequently, as we rendezvous with Chloe, Mark Jefferson prepares to announce the “Everyday Heroes” competition winner, revealed as Victoria Chase.

After her brief acceptance speech, we exit the pool area. The girls contemplate checking the men’s dormitory. However, an ominous text from Nathan, hinting at evidence disposal, compels them to revisit the dump where Rachel was found.

Guiding our path with phone lights, we follow Chloe, ensuring we stay close. Soon, we reach Rachel’s burial site.

Chloe frantically verifies Rachel’s presence, and it becomes apparent this was a trap. A sudden injection incapacitates Max, rendering her powerless. In the haze, Chloe gets shot. To our horror, the perpetrator isn’t Nathan but Mark Jefferson.

Thus concludes episode four of “Life is Strange: The Dark Room.” We’ve successfully captured all photos this chapter and ensured Frank’s survival.

We now await the walkthrough for the fifth episode of “Life is Strange.”

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