Alan Wake: The Writer – Walkthrough

We find ourselves back in Bright Falls, and our first task is to find a way out. There’s a valve at the back that can be used to move the lamppost. Swing the light source so that it hits the word. The wall will explode, and we can proceed. Run to the next light source, take a powerful lantern, and burn the word on the wall of the extension. Inside, find some resources, then go up to the roof.

Along the wall, get to the labyrinth. Take the batteries, on the left, encounter a large sculpture with a pump-action shotgun. Then go left again along the green corridors to a dead end. On the easel, find a video game (1).

Exit the maze and meet Barry. The next stop is Dr. Hartman’s Hospital. Before entering, we have to defend a little, but the environment will help us, so there won’t be any problems. After entering the hospital, furniture will start flying in the main hall, but soon Zane will appear and illuminate the darkness with a bright light. There is also a video game (2) on the fireplace.

Go out into the street, go straight down the stairs, and on the left on the urn, find another video game (3).

We talk with Zane and pick up the manuscript near the sundial.

If, in the future, until you reach the lighthouse, you don’t use weapons (guns, signal pistol, and revolver), you will receive the achievement “Get to the Light Quietly.”

Now words have appeared; burn them out and create a further path – jump over the stones, cross the cliff in a boat, and enter the wooden house. The structure will rotate, and we’ll have to jump over the abyss to the other side. On the roof of the same rotating house is a video game (4).

Pick it up from the other side. That is, return to the house, exit from the other side (where we came from), and climb onto the roof. Next, select the manuscript again and burn the words.

A huge tornado is in front of us. Jump onto one of the rotating objects and move to the neighboring bridge. A big guy with an ax will come out here. If you pass the tornado in a minute, you will receive the “Whirlwind” achievement.

Then jump onto some object again and move to the tower (vertical carriage). Climb up the stairs, then through the overturned carriage, create stones, and jump along them to a huge hollow. Inside, collect batteries and flyers, then follow the fallen tree to the site.

The possessed will attack; burn out the words on the left and create explosive barrels (shoot at them to create an explosion). Go down below and reach the well. Take flyers nearby and throw one straight into the well. The pipe will explode; get ready to face enemies inside. Get to the living quarters through the pipes. Find yourself on a Ferris wheel. Make your way through the rooms, jump into the water, then wait for the two large reels to roll away and the passage to clear. As a result, you will come to a brightly lit room where the nutcracker was hidden. Get into the elevator and get off at the gas station.

There is a hunting rifle on the rack, with batteries and cartridges nearby. Go out into the street and follow the road to the right until the cliff. On the left, among the trees, find a video game (5).

Move along the fallen tree to the other side. Restore power supply. Run along the pillars, across the bridge, start the generator, and return back to the control panel. Move the logs so that they form a bridge. Cross the abyss and go up to the road bridge.

To the right behind the logging truck is a video game (6).

At the other end of the bridge, rise to the very top. Go out onto the bridge again. Shoot back from enemies. Zane will knock down a tree that we can climb down. On the left, you will see a large rusty structure (apparently part of a ship). Right behind him in the bushes, find a video game (7).

Climb the wooden steps, move along the rocks, simultaneously destroying the evil spirits. As a result, you will come to see Dr. Hartman for an appointment.

You can get the achievement “The Source of Suffering” if you listen to the end of the conversation and then listen to the audio cassette next to it on the table. Leave the office, climb the stone ledges straight to the fallen plane.

Burn the word above the wing and carefully descend to the crash site. Downstairs, deal with a bunch of thugs, and in the cockpit, take away the video game (8).

There is also a secret hidden here, for which you can get the “Space for Creativity” achievement. To do this, go to the far wing of the plane, which rests on the rock. There is a crevice there that will lead us to a huge typewriter.

Continue to make your way to the lighthouse. There will be a lot of enemies on the way. At the nearest lantern, talk with Zane and replenish your resources. He will give you a manuscript, after which two words will appear. Recreate the passage from memory and run across the bridge. The lighthouse is already very close. On the way, blow up the stones and let the beam from the lighthouse destroy the evil spirits.

Having reached the very top, we are in no hurry to go into the lighthouse. Go around it and pick up the video game (9) on the red chair.

Go into the lighthouse, climb to the very top, watch the cutscene, and are transported to the house on Lake Cauldron. Turn back and go up the hill.

At the top, find the last video game (10).

Go down, burn out the word, and create a long, winding bridge. Barry will appear, who will attack us as a result. At the end of the bridge, try to burn it out with flyers, then go to the porch of the house, collect resources, and engage in battle with Dr. Hartman. Then the rocker brothers will come out, and only then will we fight Barry himself.

In this battle, you can get the “Iron Will” achievement. To do this, survive the last battle without receiving severe damage.

Also, after the battle, you will receive the achievement “Kill your Brainchild.” All that remains is to go into the house and watch the final cutscene. Alan will sit down to write a new work – “Return.”

Congratulations! You’ve completely completed DLC: The Writer.

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