Alan Wake – Walkthrough (Trophy Guide)

Hello! Welcome to the most comprehensive Alan Wake walkthrough. In this guide, I’ll help you discover the locations of thermoses, manuscript pages, can stacks, radios, TVs, supply boxes, and signs and posters in Alan Wake. Additionally, I’ll guide you on achieving various milestones, ensuring you don’t miss any crucial elements as you progress through the game.

Chapters list:

Episode 1 – Nightmare

The game kicks off with peculiar events as Alan Wake encounters a mysterious man who vanishes a few minutes later.

1.1 Lighthouse

  • Thermoses – 3
  • Pyramids – 1

Head towards the trunk of the car and inspect the scattered books. Move forward towards the light source, with your destination being the lighthouse. At the destroyed bridge, you’ll discover the first thermos (1) with coffee.

Proceed through the wooden bridge on the right, descend, and encounter an enemy (use evasion).

We are running away from the darkness, Clay Stewart will meet us ahead. As soon as we enter the house, a cutscene will start, during which the darkness will kill our new acquaintance. The TVs will turn on. We wait for the door to open, run out into the street and restore health under the lantern.

The light will show us how to kill opponents, give us a flashlight and a revolver. We go through a mini-training and move on. On the right on the fence we will see a pyramid of cans (1).

Continue eliminating opponents, using a lantern and revolver. Near the nearest lamppost, you’ll find a flare gun with charges and ammo for a revolver. There’s a bunker on the right.

Inside the bunker, you’ll discover a thermos (2).

Proceed downwards, and three enemies will emerge, which you can eliminate with a signal flare. Run to the lighthouse, where, in front of it, on the bench to the right, you’ll find another thermos (3).

Enter the lighthouse and wake up from a nightmare.

1.2 Bright Falls

  • Thermoses – 3
  • Radio – 1

Alan wakes up in the car while driving on the road to Bright Falls. On the ferry they talk to Pat Main, the host of a local radio show.

We soon arrived at the shore and got into the car. Alice dropped Alan off at the diner to pick up the house keys from Carl Stuckey while she went to get gas. At the diner, Alan was met by a waitress who turned out to be a fan of his work.

Turn on the jukebox in the diner as requested by the man at the left table. Later, in episode 5, you’ll need to turn on the jukebox again to secure the achievement. Note that it might take a couple of tries to get the jukebox working.

On the right, at the service window, there’s a thermos (4).

After this, Alan visits the restroom and encounters a mysterious woman who informs him that Carl is unable to come and hands over the house keys. On leaving the diner, Alan gets into his car and drives to the island.

When you reach the island, instead of continuing forward, turn around and head back towards the car. There’s a thermos (5) on the left.

We go into the house and find a thermos (6) in the kitchen.

On the terrace (exit from the kitchen) turn on the radio (1).

Returning to Alice, we started the generator in the barn, earning the “Let there be light” achievement.

Returning to Alice, start the generator in the barn to get the “Let There Be Light” achievement. Returning to the house, go up to the second floor, where Alice will give Alan a gift – a typewriter. Shortly after this, a power outage occurs. Return to Alice, using the flashlight to ward off the crows. Upon re-entering the house, a broken door to the terrace is discovered. Alice’s fall into the water prompts a rescue attempt, but you end up in a wrecked car on a cliff.

1.2 The Road to the Gas Station

  • Thermoses – 6
  • Manuscript Pages – 9
  • Manuscript Nightmare – 2
  • Pyramids – 1
  • Supply Box – 2
  • Radio – 1
  • TV 1

As we traverse the path, a gas station comes into view – let’s head there. To reach it, we’ll need to navigate through the forest, and as per the plot, we instantly acquire two manuscript pages (1, 2).

For players on the “Nightmare” difficulty, descending to the lumber warehouse, on the left in front of the lattice fence on a fallen tree, lies the Nightmare manuscript (1).

We proceed through a nearby fallen log and a broken fence. There, we encounter Karl, the one who was supposed to give us the keys to the rented house, but now he’s possessed by a dark entity. He grabs an ax and dashes away. Running past the yellow forklift and behind the pickup, we spot a thermos (7).

Continuing, a manuscript lies on the road (3).

As we press forward and find refuge in the house, we discover batteries with ammo inside.

There’s an achievement called “Charged” in the game. To fulfill its main condition of using 100 batteries, don’t hesitate to utilize batteries to the fullest.

Attempting to use the phone, Karl disrupts the connection, and in a few seconds, a tractor begins to ram the building. Karl rushes out into the street; hurry to the gate, turn on the spotlight, and take down two lumberjacks. Nearby barrels hold ammo, and observe the yellow arrow, visible only in the light.

Moving left along the timber truck, we find a box with supplies at the path’s end (1).

We double back, turn off the electricity, and pass through the broken gate. After defeating the enemy, we proceed past the excavator to the left, where a manuscript hangs on the wall under the canopy (4).

Next, head to the river and walk along the first log. Then, turn left. At the end of this path, you will find a thermos (8) placed on a stone.

Retracing our steps, we now keep right until reaching a crossing of three logs.

On the box, there’s another manuscript (5).

For those playing on the highest difficulty, while crossing the river, a nightmare manuscript page (2) can be found along the way.

Continuing along the logs across the river, we gather ammo and batteries before the last crossing. Subsequently, we take down two lumberjacks, climb up the rocks to load the timber, and notice a yellow sign on the left. Going in that direction, we find a ladder on the logs. Climbing up, we reach a hut.

Inside, there’s a box with supplies (2).

Returning back, we discover a broken staircase on the other side, forcing us to find an alternative route. The box on the pole contains ammo and batteries. Going past the stairs, on the right, behind the logs, a thermos (9) awaits.

In the distance to the left, a flashing generator catches our eye. Running towards it past the yellow tractor, we face several lumberjacks. Inside the building, we discover a manuscript (6), and on the right shelf, a shotgun.

The game has the achievement “Not Just a Brand of Typewriter.” To achieve it, kill 50 Possessed with a shotgun or pump-action shotgun. If ammo runs low, reload through checkpoints to reach the required number of kills.

We return to the destroyed stairs, stand next to the control panel, and move the logs to create a bridge. Climbing up the logs next to the nearby stairs, we run across the resulting bridge, leading us to a clearing. On the right, on a small terrace, we spot a pyramid of cans (2).

In the barn on the left, we find ammo, turn on the radio (2) inside, and behind the barn, a broken truck and a canopy reveal a box of supplies (3).

Continuing along the path, a manuscript (7) lies on the road.

Further to the right on the cliff, we discover a thermos (10).

Next, we descend to the generator, start it, collect the ammo, and combat the lumberjacks. From the generator, we head to the right; on the cliff among the scattered barrels, there’s another thermos (11).

Now we navigate through the forest along the path, facing constant enemy attacks. Here, you can achieve the “Two for the Price of One” by killing two Possessed with one shotgun blast. Moving along the road, we come across another manuscript (8).

As we ascend the hill, a box of batteries hangs on a lamppost. Reaching the tractor, we turn left, following the arrows.

A supply box (4) awaits in the rock.

We return and descend to the gate, taking down the possessed and retrieving the manuscript (9).

In the security building, we find batteries, ammo, a shotgun, and a TV (1).

Next, we open the gate through the control panel (hanging on the wall near the window). Stepping out to the sawmill, we pick up ammo along the way and engage in a fight with a crowd of possessed. Eventually, Carl Stuckey emerges as the first boss in the game. On the crane tracks, there’s a thermos (12).

1.3 Refueling

  • Thermoses – 2
  • Manuscript Pages – 1
  • Manuscript Nightmare – 1
  • Pyramids – 1
  • TV – 1
  • Signs, Posters – 1

After leaving the sawmill, we follow the path leading to a gas station. In the parking lot near the truck, we spot a manuscript (10).

Don’t rush into the building; instead, explore the surroundings first. Move behind the truck on the left side of the parking lot. Under the sign, a thermos (13) awaits.

Head onto the road and run towards the truck blocking the tunnel; a thermos (14) is located nearby.

For those playing on the highest difficulty, behind the gas station building on the wall, there’s a nightmare manuscript (3).

Subsequently, we enter the gas station through the open garage. Inside, a TV (2) turns on; watch the video to completion and enter the store. Examine the poster (1) on the rack.

Now Alan can use the phone. He calls the police, and Sarah Breaker arrives. Alan recounts the events that unfolded on the island in Lake Cauldron. Together with Sarah, they return to Alan’s house, where his wife vanished, and observe the collapsed wooden bridge. The island, where Alan and his wife had been, actually sank in the 1970s due to volcanic activity.

This concludes the walkthrough of the first episode of Alan Wake, where you achieve the “Cream of Bright Falls” for calling for help.

Episode 2 – Possessed

  • Thermoses – 1
  • Manuscript Pages – 1

The next episode begins in our apartment. Head to the kitchen and turn on the coffee maker. Then, go to Alice’s office and grab the thermos (15).

Alice instructs us to check out the new cover in her office. On the table to the left, there’s a manuscript (12).

After a few seconds, the lights will turn off, prompting an investigation into the cause. Subsequently, a cutscene unfolds where Alan gives Alice an old amulet to protect against the darkness.

2.1 Police Station

  • Thermoses – 2
  • Manuscript Pages – 3
  • Radio – 1
  • TV – 1
  • Signs, Posters – 1

We wake up at the police station and undergo examination by a doctor who just returned from fishing. Examine the fish on the table, then go into the corridor and on the left wall, inspect the “Wanted” posters (2).

Enter the sheriff’s office and pick up your phone. Sarah starts questioning us, but the interrogation is interrupted by a call. A man contacts us, instructing us to act according to his rules if we want to see our wife. In the hall, there’s a thermos (16) on the table, and next to the refrigerator, there’s a manuscript (13).

Move to the prison cells, where you’ll find only one drunk man. He asks you to turn on the light; you can walk past or use the switch. In the next cell, there’s a manuscript (14) on the bed.

Outside, near the neighboring building, you’ll find a radio (3) and another thermos (17) with coffee.

Proceed to the lattice fence, break the boards, and go through the hole. On the right side of the stone is a manuscript (15).

In the cabin of the rusty truck, you’ll find Alice’s driver’s license. Barry calls, saying he’ll arrive soon. Return to the police station, where the TV (3) turns on in the corridor.

In the hall, meet the sheriff and Dr. Hartman, whom Alice consulted. Alan hits the doctor, and at that moment, Barry appears. Together with our assistant, we leave the police station.

2.2 Elderwood National Park

  • Thermoses – 3
  • Signs, Posters – 1

Arriving at the cottage with Barry, observe a huge mammoth skeleton on the left. Read the tablet (3).

Next, at the food dispensing window, find a thermos (18).

On the terrace, Rusty is caring for a dog that fell into a trap. Rusty asks for the registration form; go back to the building, listen to Barry’s concerns about Alice’s kidnapping, and take the registration form to Rusty. Receive the keys to the cottage.

With Barry, head to the rented house. He waits inside, convinced that going to meet Alice’s kidnapper without the police is a bad idea. Go downstairs and take a thermos (19) from the kitchen.

Step into the yard, circle the house on the right side, and on the back terrace near the jacuzzi, pick up another thermos (20).

2.3 Visitor Center

  • Thermoses – 5
  • Manuscript Pages – 4
  • Radio – 1
  • TV – 1

Returning to the front yard, head downhill; a manuscript (16) lies near the car.

Descend further along the road; in the first house on the right, discover a radio (4).

Explore a large closet nearby and collect ammo. Move to the next house; inside, find a TV (4).

Exit onto the street; run to the payphone, where a hill climb is visible. At the gazebo’s top, discover the manuscript (17).

Return to the road; in the trunk of the nearest car, find another manuscript (18).

Continue along the road; visions will commence. Reach the visitor center, where chaos reigns, and Rusty’s voice echoes. Inside the wooden building on the left, grab the thermos (21).

At the entrance to the house on the right, find a manuscript (19).

Although the house itself is locked, circumvent it. In the backyard near the tree, take the thermos (22).

Proceed to the destroyed building, acquire keys and a revolver from Rusty. Return to the locked house opposite, open it, and collect the manuscript (20) in the corridor.

In the next room, the closet contains batteries with ammo. Behind the door, discover an electrical panel with an ax protruding. Return to Rusty’s. At the entrance to the destroyed center, the possessed will confront us. Where Rusty was, a huge gap now exists to the right. Exit through the hole in the wall, take ammo from the box under the canopy, and confront Rusty. It moves rapidly, so attempt to burn it out with a flashlight. Upon killing it, achieve the “Under a Thin Layer of Skin.”

2.4 Lovers Peak

  • Thermoses – 3
  • Manuscript Pages – 4
  • Signs, Posters – 2

After Rusty’s demise, other possessed individuals nearby break down the fence, freeing the path. Call Larry, asking him to stay in the house. Read the manuscript (21) on the table.

The objective is to reach Lovers Peak and encounter Alice’s kidnapper. Follow the path, picking up ammo with batteries from the locker. Descend the stairs, cross the bridge, and find yourself on a path made of wooden planks. Reach the sign, but continue forward without turning. Enter a cave, where at the end, a tablet awaits (4).

On the rock to the right, find a supply box (5) and a shotgun.

Achieve the “What I Found is Mine” by finding 5 hidden boxes. Return, following the sign. In the clearing at the payphone, take batteries, battle the possessed, and cross the next bridge. At the fork, turn right. In the vacation area near the tables, discover the manuscript (22).

Continue along the path, and at the next fork, turn left to reach a gazebo. Find a shotgun and ammo there. Descend the path and arrive at a huge tree. Read the sign (5).

Reach the next bridge and start the generator. On the pole nearby, find ammo with batteries. Near the road sign, discover a manuscript (23).

On the right, behind the broken payphone, locate a broken fence. Jump over and pick up the thermos (23) on the rock.

Proceed to a clearing where many possessed individuals emerge. Run around them or shoot them to make progress in one of the kill achievements. At the next fork, there’s a closed gate on the left and an exit to the recreation area on the right. Turn right and read the sign (6) near the park attraction. Find a thermos (24) on the table.

Return to the closed gate, jump over the fence on the left, and discover a manuscript (24) on the stone.

We reach the cable car and summon a cabin. Anticipating an exciting descent, we’re unexpectedly attacked by a flock of crows, causing the cabin to slide sharply down. This results in the loss of our weapon. Surrounded by possessed individuals, a mysterious man comes to our rescue. We collect flares and batteries from a locker and follow our savior. Now, our task is to assist him in combating those possessed by darkness, using light to burn away the threat.

On the way, Alan remembers that this is the same man who rode with him on the ferry to Bright Falls, realizing he is the kidnapper. There’s no choice yet, so run after him. Upon reaching the clearing, protect the stranger with flares while he tears boards off the gate. Afterward, follow him to the observation deck. Behind the poster on the right, discover a thermos (25).

Achieve the “A Cup of Excellent Coffee” for collecting 25 thermoses of coffee.

Next, we must withstand the attack of several waves of possessed people. Our only tools are flares and a flashlight. Alan will demand a gun, but the mysterious man insists we follow the script.

Gain the challenging achievement “Back! Go back, they tell you!” by using a flare in a crowd of possessed people with minimal health.

Complete the achievement “Beat four people in one fell swoop” by killing 4 enemies at once with a flare.

After the battle, demand an explanation from the kidnapper and inquire about Alice’s location. Alan gets into a fight with him, resulting in both falling down. Grab the gun, and the man escapes.

2.5 Forest

  • Thermoses – 3
  • Manuscript Pages – 6
  • Manuscript Nightmare – 2
  • Pyramids – 1
  • Supply Box – 2

Collect all dropped items: ammo, batteries, and flares. Upon returning, notice a cave.

Inside, find a box with supplies (6).

Return to where you fell and proceed. On the way, collect the manuscript (25).

Achieve the “The Story of Mr. Wake” by collecting 25 manuscript pages. Traverse the abyss along the logs. Move cautiously along the path, watching out for traps. Keep to the left and reach barrels with ammo. Behind a fallen log on a cliff, discover a manuscript (26).

Here, find a pyramid of cans (3).

To the right, locate another fallen tree, cross the abyss through it, and combat the next wave of possessed. Proceed along the path, ascend the left hill, and start the generator. In the barn on the right, find a thermos (26).

In the next building there is a manuscript (27) on the floor.

Discover a hunting rifle there. There’s an achievement, “Hunting Season for the Taken,” where you must kill 50 enemies with a hunting rifle. Descend the boards, turn right towards the fallen plane, and notice an arrow on the stone.

On the wing’s other side, find a hidden box with supplies (7).

Return to the clearing and engage in another battle with a group of possessed individuals. After defeating them, locate and start the generator in the area. Move through the forest, keeping to the left. On one of the cliffs, spot a thermos (27).

Proceed to the mill; through the wooden structures, enter the building. Pick up ammo on the way. On the second floor’s balcony, find the manuscript (28).

Ascend to the top, push the load down, and jump onto the raised platform. On the way, pick up the manuscript (29).

In the next room, take the flares. On the right table, discover a thermos (28).

Climb even higher and exit onto the street. Behind the boxes, face a reinforced enemy. In the barn on the left, find a hunting rifle; on the right, climb through small boxes over large ones and pick up the manuscript (30).

Return through the gate, collect ammo and batteries from the locker, ascend higher, pass through the gate, and combat the possessed man with a chainsaw. Afterward, proceed to the trailer park.

2.6 Return to Barry

  • Thermoses – 3
  • Manuscript Pages – 2
  • Manuscript Nightmare – 1
  • Pyramids – 1
  • Supply Box – 2
  • TV – 1

Find a thermos (29) on the entrance table.

Next, we search the box on the pillar to collect ammo and batteries. To the right, there’s a garage with a running car that requires a key. Heading right, we notice a large wooden structure – it’s a toilet. By the trash can on the right side, we find a manuscript (31).

In the women’s toilet, discover ammo for a hunting rifle, while in the men’s room, find keys. The TV (5) will turn on there.

On the way back, a possessed individual will emerge from a toilet stall. We then return to the garage, open the gate, and get into the car. A formidable lumberjack will break through the gate in front of us. We use the car’s headlights to blind him before running him over.

After leaving the gate, turn right, and in front of the rubble at a dead end, find a thermos (30).

Now drive to the timber truck; from it, turn right towards the barn. Yellow signs will be visible in the headlights.

Hidden inside the barn, you’ll find a supply box (8). Next, return to the timber truck and this time take a left turn. Stop near the first trailer where you’ll find a hunting rifle on the bench. Additionally, there’s a pyramid of cans (4) on the table next to the bench.

Here, you can change to another car. Drive further along the road to the next timber truck. Behind it, find a tunnel and a dead end. There, discover the manuscript (32).

Return to the timber truck, turn into a clearing near it, and take the thermos (31) from the table.

Drive further past the destroyed visitor’s center. The road ahead is blocked, so get off the car and proceed on foot. Along the way, pick up a rocket launcher and several charges.

If playing on the highest difficulty, a nightmare manuscript page (4) will be found along the way.

Let’s head back to our house and find a supply box (9) in the backyard.

Birds will attack; burn them out with flares and a rocket launcher.

Episode 3 – Ransom

3.1 Trailer Park

  • Thermoses – 3
  • Manuscript Pages – 3
  • TV – 1
  • Radio – 2

Head with Barry to the trailer park. Randolph will meet you and guide you to Rose’s trailer. To the right of the overturned boat, find a thermos (32).

Proceed to Rose; she’ll give you tea, causing Alan to pass out. In a cutscene, a woman in black forces you to write a book. You wake up in Rose’s room. The TV (6) will turn on. In the kitchen, take the thermos (33).

Rose sits on the floor, and Barry sleeps at the table. Alan doesn’t blame Rose, as she fell under the influence of a dark entity, poisoning your tea. Go outside; a manuscript (33) is on the path.

Next to the trailer, find a radio (5).

We go to the gate, the FBI will meet us there. They will start shooting at Alan, and he will hide in the forest. We run along the path on the left, then along the ditch we pass under the bridge. On the way we will pick up the manuscript (34).

Reach the road. Exit onto the roadway, turn right, and find another manuscript (35) page at a dead end.

We return and go upstairs. Soon a helicopter will arrive and begin to fire at us, at this moment we hide behind the rocks. We reach the tower, inside we will find a thermos (34) and a radio (6).

On the balcony, use binoculars to notice the radio station lights. Go back out and continue along the path.

3.2 Radio Station

  • Thermoses – 2
  • Manuscript Pages – 1
  • Supply box – 1
  • Radio – 1

On the way we meet a closed gate. The darkness prevents us from going further. We go up the hill and find a thermos (35) on the stone.

Start the nearby generator, rush to the spotlight, and shine light on the gate to clear the path. Reach the next gate; no spotlight is present. Find a flashlight under the canopy on the right, burn out the darkness, and proceed. Collect flash grenades from the broken car. Flashbang Possessed await ahead.

Earn the “Thunder and Lightning” achievement by killing 50 Flashbang Possessed. Use checkpoints before mass batches to complete it in one playthrough.

Run to the lantern, turn on the radio (7) nearby, collect batteries and flash grenades, cross the wooden bridge, and pick up a manuscript (36) on the cliff to the right.

At a fork, a yellow arrow on a stone is seen under the flashlight.

To the right, find a cave with a hidden box of supplies (10).

Return to the fork and head towards the lights, reaching the radio station. Find a thermos (36) under the sign to the left of the entrance.

Inside the radio station, meet the presenter. Shortly, an FBI agent and Sarah appear, shooting at you. Exit the radio station through the window.

3.3 Depot

  • Thermoses – 4
  • Manuscript Pages – 7
  • Manuscript Nightmare – 1
  • Pyramids – 1
  • Supply box – 1
  • TV – 1

Continue along the path; on the left on the fence, pick up a manuscript (37).

Run to the generator, start it, and pick up a revolver with ammo under the lamppost. Head up, climbing the rock. At the top, by the radio tower, turn right to the cliff and take a thermos (37).

Go to the radio tower, taking the manuscript (38).

On the way back, a flock of birds will attack. Descend, and just before reaching the generator, turn right, seeing lights in the distance. Reach wooden buildings. Inside a hut (with a shotgun and ammo), possessed people surround you.

Achieve the “Sound and the Fury” by killing 4 possessed with flash grenades.

Gather a crowd and throw a grenade. Behind the hut, find a pyramid of cans (5), earning the “Balagan” achievement for knocking down 5 pyramids.

On the right along the path, reach a locked gate; a manuscript (39) will hang on it.

Further along the wide path, find a thermos (38) in another barn on the right.

A manuscript (40) lies on the right side of the stone a bit further.

Near a lamppost, pick up batteries and ammo. Alice contacts you, but the connection is poor. Find another manuscript page (41) on the right side of the road.

At a fork, turn left, walk along the hill, and find a hut at the end with ammo and a box of supplies (11).

On the way back, the possessed will attack. Return to the fork and run further under the bridge.

Achieve the “They’re here!” by destroying 20 possessed objects. Their number increases throughout the game; first encountered under this bridge.

Climb the stairs and the bridge structure. Darkness attacks; defend with light. After the bridge, if playing on the highest difficulty, go up, turn right before the fence, and find the nightmare manuscript (5) on a stump.

Around the left side of the fence, near the stairs on metal beams, find another page of the manuscript (42).

Upstairs near the rusty car, discover an improved flashlight. Descend to the depot and onto the site. On the right, on wooden pallets, find a thermos (39).

Take ammo and flares from the box. Open the nearby gate; possessed, led by a powerful enemy, emerges. After the battle, enter the building, kill a couple more lumberjacks, and ascend to the second floor. Upstairs, turn on the TV (7).

Go out onto the balcony, pick up the manuscript (43), and descend to the backyard. On the street, the possessed will surround you again, and now a bulldozer is rampaging. Skip the battle by dodging and running through the gate.

If you decide to fight, killing the bulldozer earns the “Heavy Metal” achievement. Use a flash grenade.

Exit the gate, pick up a thermos (40) on the right.

Drive to the meeting point with the kidnapper.

3.4 Mirror Peak

  • Thermoses – 3
  • Manuscript Pages – 4
  • Supply Box – 1
  • Radio – 2
  • Signs, Posters – 1

After the cutscene, take the wheel and drive towards the broken bridge. Turn right in front of it, getting out of the car. Walk through the forest to a cliff where you’ll see a lonely chair on a rock. Find a thermos (41) here.

Return to the car, pass under the destroyed bridge, and notice a staircase on the right going up. Ascend; at the top, find a barn with a radio (8) inside.

Switch to another nearby car. Cross the bridge and stop near the observation tower. There’s another radio (9) at the top.

You can also switch to another car at this point. Go to the red house, and inside, find the manuscript (44).

Reach the mine, now a local museum. In the blocked shaft on the left, discover a thermos (42).

Read the museum sign (7) nearby.

On the wooden path to the right, find a manuscript (45).

Enter the building; during the cutscene, Alan waits for the kidnapper, but the meeting is rescheduled to another place.

Note: Achieve “Meet the Deadline” by arriving at the appointed place in 30 minutes.

Jump through the chain to the second floor; on the shelves, find ammo, batteries, and a thermos (43). Press the button on the wall, jump into the opened red hatch, and pick up the manuscript (46) on the way.

Afterward, you’ll be attacked by the possessed. Gas cylinders can be exploded to kill enemies. Achieve “Collateral Damage” by killing 20 enemies using the environment, specifically gas cylinders, during this section.

Reach the building, turn off the electricity, take the rocket launcher, and return to the broken fence. On the way back, more objects and enemies will appear. Get to the stairs, pass the fence, and go upstairs. In the warehouse, collect ammo, fight with thugs, enter the next room, and ascend the stairs to the attic.

On a red chair in the corner, find a thermos (44). On the left side, there’s a manuscript (47) on the boards.

Go out into the street, pull the lever in the house, and go through the opened gate.

3.5 Forest

  • Thermoses – 2
  • Manuscript Pages – 1
  • Manuscript Nightmare – 1
  • Supply Box – 1

Follow the path to the right. On a stone to the left, notice a manuscript (48). At a fork, continue upward to an abandoned mine. On the right, at the end of the wooden bridge, find a thermos (45).

In the mine on the left, discover a box with supplies (12); the possessed will emerge on the way back.

Go down the stairs near the lamppost, collect ammo and batteries, run across the bridge, and pick up the pump-action shotgun. Turn left at the fork, activate the spotlights along the road, and defend against hordes of thugs. Behind the trees on the left, there’s a red house with a thermos (46) inside, and you can also replenish shotgun ammunition.

Run to the next spotlight, reaching the cemetery. Fight with opponents, turn on the electricity in the wooden outbuilding, and move on.

If on the highest difficulty, turn left after the cemetery to find the nightmare manuscript (6) at a dead end.

3.6 Ghost Town

  • Thermoses – 6
  • Manuscript Pages – 1
  • Manuscript Nightmare – 1
  • Supply Box – 1
  • Signs, Posters – 1
  • TV – 1

Enter the ghost town; find a manuscript (49) page on the bridge. Further to the right, read the sign (8) providing information about the place.

In the house on the right, discover a thermos (47).

If on the highest difficulty, in the building on the left under the canopy, find a nightmare manuscript (7).

Proceed to the blocked bridge; objects come to life. Destroy them with light and cross the bridge. The carriages will start flying; burning them out earns the “Iron Horse” achievement.

The building on the right is closed. Take the keys in the barn; behind it, find a thermos (48).

Unlock the house; there’s a TV (8) in the room. Find a hunting rifle and ammo by the bed. Go out into the backyard, go up the stairs, and notice yellow signs on the rock. Next to the left, find an arrow.

Discover a supply box (13) hidden on the cliff. Move along the cliff path; flocks of birds will attack. Run to the mine and jump down.

3.7 Silver Mine

  • Thermoses – 1
  • Manuscript Pages – 2

Find yourself in the tunnel and proceed forward until reaching the first fork. On the left wall, find a yellow inscription and descend into the cave.

Below, find a lake, and on the stone to the right, discover a manuscript (50).

Return and now go right. Collect flares along the way, jump down, and pick up another manuscript (51). The tunnel on the right will collapse, and a powerful enemy will emerge from the left. Defeat the enemies and continue. In the left tunnel, find a thermos (49).

Reach the room with elevators. Press the button, lower the beams to the floor below, and use them as a bridge. Climb higher, press the button again, and raise the beams to move to the other side. Repeat these steps. At the top, lower the ladder, descend, and raise the beams to the very top for the last time. Leave the mine.

3.8 Observation Platform

  • Thermoses – 2
  • Manuscript Pages – 3
  • Pyramids – 1
  • Supply Box – 1

After leaving the silver mine, climb the stairs to the top of the hill, then onto the wooden building, and pick up the manuscript (52).

Descend, protect yourself from birds, and start the generator. The elevator will arrive. Sit in the booth, go to the other side (crows will attack). Eventually, the booth falls, and further, possessed enemies appear. Go up to the elevator platform; a carriage will arrive. Circle it, and on the wooden platform, knock down the pyramid of cans (6).

Take ammo and batteries from the nearby box. Ascend even higher; under the canopy on the right, find a hunting rifle with ammunition. Proceed along the path, fend off thugs, reach the lantern, and read the sign (9) with information about the lake. After crossing a rope bridge, turn left; on the cliff, discover a thermos (50).

Further along the path, notice a yellow arrow on a rock to the left.

Follow the signs; behind the stone, find a box with supplies (14). A destroyed bridge lies ahead; go around it on the left side, picking up the manuscript (53). Run further along the path, climb the mountain ruins, overturn the boards, break the wooden supports, and climb up. Enter the stone house through the basement, read the inscriptions on the walls, and collect ammo and flares.

Go out onto the roof; the floor collapses, and possessed enemies emerge. After the battle, return to the roof, jump over the gap, and jump into the backyard. Near the lattice door, on the left, find a thermos (51).

Run further along the path; Alan notices a lake where the outlines of a house appear. Descend and, on wooden stairs along the way, pick up the last manuscript (54) in the episode.

At the bottom, reach the kidnapper, but he’s taken away by a tornado of darkness. Alan falls into the lake, where he again sees Alice in the hands of a woman in black.

This completes the passage of the third episode of Alan Wake, earning the “Intricacy” achievement.

Episode 4 – The Truth

The episode begins at Dr. Hartman’s hospital. Alan takes a walk with him, and Hartman reveals that Alice drowned. Alan, unable to accept this truth, experiences hallucinations and lives in his imagination.

4.1 Dr. Hartman’s Hospital

  • Thermoses – 4
  • Manuscript Pages – 5
  • TV – 1
  • Signs, Posters – 4

In the backyard, read the sign (10) on the sundial. Follow it into the common room, where the doctor introduces another guest. Take the thermos (52) from the counter behind the stone wall.

Nearby, find a poster of Dr. Hartman (11) hanging on the wall. Go up to the second floor; at the end of the balcony on the right, locate a thermos (53).

Go downstairs, enter the corridor behind Hartman, and read the plate (12) on the right wall. In a room on the right, the same individuals from the diner give you the manuscript (55) after Hartman leaves. Go up to the second floor, where the TV (9) turns on. Enter your room and begin writing.

The orderly goes downstairs to calm the patients, providing a chance to escape.

Go out into the corridor; near the stairs, find a page of the manuscript (56). Below, two rockers who seem to have knocked out the nurse are present. Take the keys from her and open the door at the other end of the hall. Immediately enter the room on the left. On the table to the right near the wall, find a manuscript (57). Turn on the nearby player, which has three recorded messages; listening to all earns the “Medical Report” achievement.

In the corridor, open the next door and meet Barry. On the windowsill, find a thermos (54). Proceed to Hartman’s office, watch a short cutscene, and obtain the manuscript (58).

In the corridor, through the common room, ascend to the second floor and start the generator. The light unlocks the doors. Go down and enter the opened corridor on the right. Be cautious – objects are flying everywhere, and you don’t have a flashlight. Two shelves block the road in the corridor; fly into the room on the left and take the flare from the box. Two bears block the path ahead; burn them with a flare and turn on the TV on the left to earn the “Box” achievement.

Nearby lies the manuscript (59). You’ll encounter a large shadow sphere. Stand in front of it so that it knocks down the door. In the next room, act similarly – stand in front of the exit and dodge the blow. This way, you can leave the clinic. Along the right wall, at the end, on the stone fence in front of the lattice door, pick up the thermos (55).

At the large sculpture, read the tablet (13). Find batteries on the nearby bench. Take a flashlight from Barry, protect yourself from animated objects with light, burn out the lattice gate on the left, and go down into the garden.

4.2 Garden

  • Thermoses – 2
  • Manuscript Pages – 5
  • Pyramids – 1
  • Supply Box – 1
  • Signs, Posters – 2

As you progress, replenish batteries and flares in the barn. The labyrinth introduces attacks by the possessed. Always turn right until reaching a small clearing with a tree; find a manuscript page (60) beneath it.

Move forward, take the first right, then another right to reach an area with benches. At a dead end on the left, discover a manuscript (61), and on the right is the exit from the labyrinth.

Upon leaving the maze, you encounter the orderly, the game’s boss. Defeating him is challenging due to attacking flocks of birds. Employ the same strategy as before, using burning and a revolver. Alternatively, use the flare gun found in the gazebo. Batteries and ammo are in a cabinet, with a thermos (56) nearby.

Afterward, descend the stone stairs, reach a lamppost along the path, and find a shotgun, ammo, and a manuscript page (62) in the annex. Pass through the gate, where the possessed emerge from the bushes. Near a bench on the right, take a flare, and on the left, go through another gate. Pick up a manuscript (63) under your feet along the way; a pyramid of cans (7) is built nearby.

Descend the steps, take ammo from the box on the pillar, go along the right side, next to the cliff. Further along the cliff, find a box with supplies (15).

Ascend higher, run to the lamppost, pick up flares, ammo, and a shotgun. On the fence nearby, locate a thermos (57). At a dead end on the left, discover a manuscript (64).

Run back to Barry. The next segment involves a fight with the possessed while Barry tries to open the door. Defend yourself from the undead until Barry finds the key, and you leave the territory of the Hartman Hospital. Proceed to the Andersen farm, where the rocker brothers are.

4.3 Forest

  • Thermoses – 6
  • Manuscript Pages – 5
  • Pyramids – 1
  • Supply Box – 2
  • Radio – 1
  • Signs, Posters – 2

While driving, darkness attacks, causing the car to fly off a cliff. You lose your pistol and flashlight, landing back in the forest. Barry is somewhere below, audible but unseen. Descend the slope, reach the railway, and dodge flying objects. Go to the spotlight, turn it on, and enter the cave on the left. At the dead end, find a manuscript page (65).

Return to the spotlight, walk along the wooden bridge, and at the end, take the thermos (58).

Descend, run along the path, dodging flying trolleys. Reach the shadowy lattice gate; you need light. Ascend the stairs on the left, picking up a manuscript page (66) along the way. Start the nearby generator, return, turn the lantern below to cast light on the gate, and burn out the darkness. There’s a flashlight on the box in the annex on the left. Descend and exit the forest.

Here, the possessed will attack. Run to the generator and quickly start it. Then run to a lamppost where your pursuers will leave you alone. Along the path by the cliff, reach a tent, select a powerful flashlight and a thermos (59).

Continue along the path; a bright light appears, and Zane contacts Alan, handing over a manuscript page (67).

Navigate through bear traps to reach a destroyed house. Start the generator, pick up the manuscript nearby (68), and find a shotgun against the wall with ammo inside the building. On the side, enter the first floor; kill a possessed person and take a thermos (60) from the windowsill.

Proceed along the path, passing traps. Enemies emerge from the bushes, but now you have a shotgun. Reach a two-story house; on the first floor in the kitchen, find a thermos (61).

Go upstairs; encounter a wounded man. After a conversation, go outside, watch TV (10) in the next room. On the first floor, Danny jumps into the house through the window. After the battle, go outside through the broken window, turn left, and find a manuscript (69) on the back porch.

On the other side of the house, find an entrance to the basement. Behind the animal carcass in the corner, locate a box with supplies (16).

Get behind the wheel, drive to the first tractor on the side of the road, and find a thermos (62) next to it.

Further along the road, reach the first fork. Stop and exit; on the right in the field, find another abandoned tractor, near which is a thermos (63).

Possessed enemies will attack; defend yourself. At the fork, turn left. In the nearest house on the left, discover a box with supplies (17). Replenish ammo and flash grenades.

Proceed to the tower (on the right). Inside, turn on the radio (10) and take a hunting rifle with ammo.

On the road, pass a large field; there’s a blockade ahead. Get out of the car and continue on foot.

4.4 Andersen Farm

  • Thermoses – 6
  • Manuscript Pages – 4
  • Manuscript Nightmare – 1
  • Pyramids – 1
  • Supply Box – 1
  • Radio – 1
  • TV – 1
  • Signs, Posters – 1

Proceed to the next large field. To the left is a mill, and behind it stands a house. On a stone, a yellow arrow indicates the path. A box of supplies (18) is hidden in the house.

On the highest difficulty, pass by this house, and behind the trees to the left, you’ll notice a toilet. Near it, find the nightmare manuscript (8). Return to the stage. On the left on the podium, pick up the thermos (64).

The next task is to defend the stage. Take the thermos (65) near Barry. To achieve the “Son of the Ancient Gods” achievement, survive 3 waves of enemies while defending the stage without receiving damage. If you fail, use fast checkpoint loading. Ammunition is scattered around; use light grenades, throw them into the pandemonium of shadows, and remember to hide and dodge axes.

After the battle, go around the stage on the right side and find the manuscript (70) in the corner on the switches.

Head to the large barn; the entrance is blocked. To remove the obstacle, go to the field on the right. In the farthest corner, find a manuscript (71) on a cart.

Return to the barn, climb the stairs to the outbuilding from the side of the field. Press the button at the top to remove the obstacle. Inside, in the far-right corner, near a rusty car and haystacks, find a thermos (66). Turn on the TV (11) near the stairs. On the next floor, take the hanging manuscript (72), then press the button to clear the passage. At the end of the balcony, read the poster (14).

Go back, defeat the possessed, and below, battle a powerful enemy. On the street, pass under exposed wires; on the left, find a pyramid of cans (8) on a wooden reel.

Here, the possessed will attack again. Throw a flashbang into the crowd or lure them under exposed wires. Continue, and Barry is under the lantern. Enter the house, knock out the lock from the right door, go up to the third floor, defeat the big man, and take the thermos (67) from the rack.

Climb even higher; in the attic, turn on the last radio in the game (11) and get the “KBF-FM” achievement. Go even higher and start the generator. Get into a small elevator and go down.

As soon as you enter the field, a combine will roll out of the garage. Burn out the giant with a lantern while protecting yourself from the possessed. When you deal with the dark entities, go to the shed from which a powerful woodcutter with an ax had emerged. Go up the stairs to the roof, jump off, and go into the opposite building. Take the key from the box, unlock the gate of the neighboring barn, clear Barry’s passage, and go with him to the Andersen brothers’ house.

Enter the house, take the thermos (68) from the toilet on the right. Another thermos (69) is in the kitchen . Go up to the second floor; there is a manuscript (73) on the floor. Go to the back room and turn on the fuses.

The lights will turn on throughout the house, and music will play. Go down and interact with the player. A cutscene will begin, during which the guys get drunk. You’ll end up in Wake’s dream. Enter the house and go out onto the back terrace. Alan jumps into the water again, hoping to help his wife. Failing, he crawls out of the lake, where a woman in black meets him on the pier and makes him write a manuscript.

Alan spent a whole week at the typewriter, with evil spirits as his editor-in-chief, whispering a story in which darkness enveloped the entire world. What he writes on the lake comes true in real life. Despite the close supervision of the woman in black, the writer managed to fit his escape into the plot. Wake called upon Zane, a former writer consumed by darkness. He came in a diving suit, bathed the house in light, and bought time to escape. Leaving the island, Alan gets into an accident, the beginning of the game. This completes the passage of the fourth episode of Alan Wake.

Episode 5 – The Clicker

5.1 Bright Falls

  • Thermoses – 10
  • Manuscript Pages – 8
  • Pyramids – 1
  • Supply Box – 4
  • TV – 1
  • Signs, Posters – 3

The fifth episode of Alan Wake begins in prison. Captured by an FBI agent, we find ourselves behind bars at the local police station. Sarah arrives with an agent, but he’s swiftly taken by darkness.

We leave the cell, grabbing two manuscript pages (74, 75), and follow Sarah through the police station.

You can earn the “Pastoral Town” achievement by traversing the entire city without dying or rebooting. The achievement unlocks when you reach the helicopter.

In the office on the left, find two flares. There’s a thermos (70) on the nightstand behind the administration desk.

Go to the sheriff’s office to retrieve your belongings. Sarah suggests escaping by helicopter, but you need to find the keys. Leaving Barry at the police station, go outside.

The backyard gate is closed, requiring electricity to open. You can climb onto the roof of a nearby building. Go to the rusty car through the hole in the grille, climb to the top, birds will attack. At the other end of the roof, enter the elevator via scaffolding and go down. Turn on the electrical panel, opening the gate for Sarah.

Possessed individuals and animated cars appear on the road. At the first fork on the main street, go right. There’s a thermos (71) hidden on the left pier with a yellow symbol visible only in the light.

At the end of the street, near a lattice gate, jump along the boards to a wooden bridge. In the corner, find a box with supplies (19).

Return to the main street and follow the plot without turning. Near the pier, before the diner, a yellow symbol on a wooden outbuilding is visible.

Follow the signs through the door to a large building. Move along the wall to the next sign. Enemies await around the corner.

Shoot back, go left, and find another sign near the stairs.

A supply box (20) is hidden at the top. Return to the road, go to the diner on the left.

Turn on the jukebox to get the “Drink Up” achievement. Inside, find ammo, batteries, and a powerful flashlight behind the bar counter. There’s a thermos (72) behind the counter. In the toilets, find a manuscript (76) hanging on the wall.

After the diner, go left through a lattice gate. A possessed man waits, and a crowd attacks in the toilet area. After the battle, find a white van with a pyramid of cans (9) on its roof.

At the end of the street, near a toilet stall, find a thermos (73).

Return to Sarah, defend against the evil spirits. Find a thermos (74) under a red canopy on the left and false flares under the adjacent canopy on the right.

Enter the house. Fuses are damaged; go left and pick up the manuscript page (77).

On the second floor, turn on the TV (12). In the next room, find a box with supplies (21).

Go downstairs, where a powerful enemy attacks. Afterward, enter the room he came from; there’s a hunting rifle with ammo on the table. In the small kitchen, find a thermos (75). Enter the next office where the light blinks, collect resources, and take the helicopter keys. Outside, Barry is seen running from the darkness.

Go to the park, read the sign near the sculpture (15).

Move a bit higher; the possessed will appear. Go even higher and reach the road. The sheriff opens a bookstore. On the right side of the bookcase, find a thermos (76). A note (16) hangs on the right wall, and near the cash register, find a manuscript page (78). Don’t go up to the second floor. Follow Sarah into the backyard; find a box with supplies (22) in the wooden outbuilding.

Next, head to the playground. Find a thermos (77) near the sandbox. The church is next. Near the car in front, pick up a hunting rifle and ammo. Before the entrance, read the sign with information about the church (17). Find a page of the manuscript (79) near a yellow truck at the end of the street.

Approach the church entrance; the lock is broken, and possessed will attack. Survive the crowd, and Sarah will open the door. In the temple, a manuscript page (80) lies on the pulpit. In the basement, find a thermos (78) in the left corner.

Two thugs attack in the same basement. Kick down the door, meet Barry, and proceed. Barry is now armed. In the parking lot near the stairs, take resources from the box. Go up the hill; a manuscript page (81) is on the table on the right.

Continue, reaching the road. At a dead end, find flash grenades in a broken van. Continue, face thugs on the way. Shoot back from the possessed crowd and reach the helipad. Find a thermos (79) to the left of the helipad.

Approach Sarah and defend the helicopter from the possessed. Be prepared for waves and use your surroundings, including gas cylinders. When the helicopter starts, jump in and fly away. During the flight, flocks of black birds attack. Sarah drops you off near the substation, where you have to go.

5.2 Substation

  • Thermoses – 3
  • Manuscript Pages – 2
  • Supply Box – 1

To reach Cynthia Weaver, who fervently battles the darkness using light sources, head left in the annex to find a revolver with ammo. On the right, near the lattice fence, discover a thermos (80).

One hangar gate can be opened by shooting the chain attached to a piece of wood. Defend against the possessed, dodge a couple of flying axes, run for a few seconds, and quickly slip through the gate. Inside, find a pump-action shotgun with ammo in the corner on the table. Flares and batteries are on the nearby rack.

Climb up wooden pallets and rubble, jump to the second part of the warehouse. Turn on the radio with music. Thugs attack here. After the battle, approach the concrete pipes and find a thermos (81) in one of them.

Exit to the street, jump down to the substation after the lamppost. Notice yellow paint on one of the reels; further left, an arrow points to a box with supplies (23).

On the right, use the control panel to open the gate. A possessed man, who burns upon touching electrical wires, is seen on the left. Go around on the right side. Pass where the first possessed man burned; a manuscript page (82) lies on the asphalt.

Further, collect ammo, batteries, and flares from the hanging red cabinet. Spot a thermos through the lattice fence. Pass through the transformer; two big guys come out, and you can drive them onto the wires. Go down, on the right, near the lattice fence, on pallets, pick up a thermos (82).

Call the blue lift, climb onto the roof of the work hut. Find a page of the manuscript (83) on a chair at the top. Jump down and go out to the bridge.

5.3 Power Plant

  • Thermoses – 4
  • Manuscript Nightmare – 2
  • Supply Box – 1
  • Pyramids – 1
  • TV – 1
  • Signs, Posters – 3

Read the green sign (18) in front of the bridge.

On the right, near the control building, a thermos (83) is hidden in the grass.

Note: On Nightmare difficulty, go to the end of the road for a manuscript page (9) by the yellow bus.

Inside the booth, find ammo and a flare gun with charges. Press the button to start the bridge’s rotation. Try to reach the other side, fending off birds. Enter the next control room and find a thermos (84) inside. Turn on the nearby TV (13). Sarah now has a helicopter with her. Stay in the light, run along the path, and when the helicopter is attacked by birds, you’ll be left alone.

Run to the lamppost; there are batteries in the nearby cart. To the right of the lantern on the stone, you’ll see a yellow arrow.

Follow the signs; behind the stones, find a box with supplies (24). Continue to the power station and parking lot. On the left, near the lattice fence, in the corner, there is a thermos (85).

To the right of the entrance, read the warning sign (19).

Enter the Power Plant, meet Cynthia Weaver. She speaks about the amulet left by Zane, a former writer on the island. He hid it in a brightly lit room on the dam. In Cynthia’s room, find a thermos (86) near the bookcase.

Afterward, go back out onto the street; the gate will open on the right.

Note: On Nightmare difficulty, as soon as you pass through the gate on the right, turn immediately left and go around the barred gate. Near them will be a manuscript page (10).

Defeat the next batch of shadow big men, proceed along the pipes. Run to the control panel and try to build bridges. Near the left, read the sign (20) and press the buttons in the following sequence: 1, 2, 3, 1.

Through the bridges, get to the switch. On the right on the fence, there is a pyramid of cans (10).

Use the switch and get the “Gatekeeper” achievement. Return to Cynthia; on the way back, the bridges will move apart, and the possessed will come out again. With the old woman, go through the tunnel to the street. Barry will call, but the conversation will be interrupted by an accident. You must help him!

5.4 Dam

  • Thermoses – 3
  • Manuscript Pages – 2
  • Manuscript Nightmare – 1
  • Pyramids – 1
  • Supply Box – 1
  • Signs, Posters – 1

Descend and pick up the manuscript page (84) along the way. To the right on the concrete wall, a box with ammo and batteries hangs. Flocks of birds attack.

Note: On Nightmare difficulty, on the way, when passing through a fallen tree, pick up a page of the manuscript (11).

Reach the crash site, rise higher, and meet Barry and Sarah. Shoot back from the crowd of possessed and go around the barn on the left along a small rise. Yellow symbols on the stones lead to a supply box (25).

Run further along the path, past the outbuilding, and reach a lamppost. Rise even higher; in the large concrete pipe at the top, find a thermos (87).

Call the elevator. While it drives, hold the defense. At the top, as soon as you rise to the right near the cliff, take the thermos (88).

Move forward a little. Near the control panel on the right, read the yellow plate (21). Press and hold the nearby button; Sarah and Barry will run into the opened gate, after which they will be blocked by darkness. Large coils will come to life on the left, break the lattice fence; burn them with a flashlight and go through the broken fence. A manuscript page (85) is on a stone on the right.

Go up the hill, over the bridge, and up the stairs to the road. In the annex, find a pump-action shotgun with ammo. On the same site, fight possessed; prepare for waves and use the nearby spotlight. When you defeat everyone, darkness appears, and the path across the bridge opens. Run forward, escaping the advancing darkness.

In some places, the path will be blocked; make your way under the bridge. Run to the tower, go down the spiral staircase, and on the right on the shelf of the rack, find a thermos (89).

Run to Sarah and Barry; Cynthia will already be with them. Go down the elevator with them and enter the illuminated room, where the amulet that Alan gave to his wife is hidden – the Nutcracker switch. Only it can deal with the overtaking darkness.

This completes the passage of the fifth episode of Alan Wake.

Episode 6 – Departure

Alan wakes up in his New York apartment. Find the dark glasses on the bedside table and take pills in the bathroom. Check the phone in the corridor with a message from Barry. Listen to the answering machine message, then turn on the last TV (14) in the hall to receive the “Telemaniac” achievement.

Alice arrives with groceries. After discussing the upcoming vacation, you’re transported back to Bright Falls.

6.1 On the way to Lake Cauldron

  • Thermoses – 10
  • Manuscript Pages – 6
  • Manuscript Nightmare – 4
  • Pyramids – 1
  • Supply Box – 4
  • Signs, Posters – 4

In Bright Falls, pick up the thermos (90) on the nearby table. It’s unmissable.

Note: You can get the “Unarmed Hero” achievement by reaching the lake without firing a single shot, even with a flare gun. Only flash grenades and flares are allowed.

Get into the car and drive to the next parking lot with a red car and a van. Find batteries on the table and read the large poster (22).

Drive to the logs nearby.

Turn straight towards them and find a yellow arrow on the extension. Inside the outbuilding, discover a hunting rifle and ammunition.

Go right, descend the path, and find a box with supplies (26) in the wooden barn.

Continue to the tunnel. In front of it on the left is a hangar. To the left of the main entrance, near a large box, find a thermos (91).

Return to the road. The path in the tunnel is blocked, necessitating a walk. Possessed enemies will attack; try not to use firearms to get the “Unarmed Hero” achievement. A manuscript page (86) lies on the road. Get back into the car and drive to the hotel. In the parking lot, find a pyramid of cans (11). To get the “Unarmed Hero” achievement, you’ll have to skip this pyramid.

Inside the hotel, find a black sign (23) hanging on the wall.

In the toilet on the right, there’s a thermos (92).

Note: On Nightmare difficulty, find a manuscript page (12) on the bench to the right as you enter the hotel.

Behind the administration desk, find a shotgun and ammo. Leave the motel through the back door, get into the car at the other end of the parking lot, and drive to the bridge. Cross a bridge filled with darkness. Arm yourself with a flashlight and flares. At the other end of the bridge, jump into the car again and drive to a brightly lit barn (notice it on the left).

Another car is inside.

Note: On Nightmare difficulty, find a manuscript page (13) on the second floor of the hangar.

Behind the hangar, there’s a wooden house with a thermos (93) on the porch.

Return to the road and cross the second long bridge. Reach a roadblock and move on foot again. Collect a pump-action shotgun along the way and enter the tunnel. The possessed will emerge inside, and there will also be scattered ammo. To get the “Unarmed Hero” achievement, run through the tunnel without firing shots.

At the tunnel exit, find a manuscript (87) on the road. It’s unmissable. Drive to the barricades on the road, there’s an exit on the right, but drive straight ahead. Near the blocked tunnel is an abandoned truck with a manuscript (88).

Go back and ascend the country road to the building. At the entrance, a white sign (24) hangs on the lattice fence.

To the left of the entrance, notice yellow symbols. Follow the arrows, and under the canopy behind the building, discover a box with supplies (27).

Right at the gate at the entrance on the left is the last sign with information about the hangar (25).

Inside on the table is a hunting rifle with ammo. In the next room, a thermos (94) is hidden on the shelf of one of the shelves. On the second floor, collect resources and press the control panel.

Note: On Nightmare difficulty, find a manuscript page (14) on the table on the second floor.

Go out onto the balcony and knock down the last pyramid of cans (12).

The gate will open on the street. Get into the pickup truck and drive on. There’s a springboard ahead, and to the right in front of it, find a thermos (95) on wooden pallets.

Through the springboard, you reach a car dump. Go to the safe zone where the plot leads. On the right on the old stove, there are ammo, batteries, and a page of the manuscript (89).

Then, go up the stairs and start the generator. Descend to the landfill; the excavator comes to life. Press the button and wait for the large container to rise. Jump into the car again and leave the landfill. Along the road, climb the hill and reach a lamppost. On the left is a destroyed bridge, next to it is a barn, inside of which you find a box with supplies (28).

Go to the wooden house, enter it along the stairs from the outside, move the cart below, and go out into the courtyard. Immediately turn on all the spotlights you see. In the second house on the right, a thermos (96) is hidden on the bottom shelf. Reach the large spotlight, move the cart away in the building, and pick up the manuscript page (90) on the fireplace.

On the left, move the cart again and go out into the street. Go around the house on the right and jump into the trolley. Get to the other side; near the safe zone under the lamppost, replenish resources and go down even lower. A box of supplies (29) is hidden below.

Go back up to the lamppost and then up the stairs. On the right side of the path, push the cart and pass further along the wooden bridge. A thermos (97) is hidden behind the beam under the canopy.

Next, get to the house, after passing through which you find yourself in the forest. Walk along the path; the possessed will emerge, and a truck will fall from above. Go around the obstacle, start the generator in the barn, and replenish the health scale. Run further; you’ll notice a carriage on the left, a thermos (98) is inside it.

Go higher, start the generator at the top, and go even higher. As a result, you will rise to a dilapidated house. As soon as you enter, on the right, you will find the last supply box (30) in the game. You also get the achievement “Scrape the Bottom of the Barrel.” Go up to the second floor, from there jump onto the courtyard. In the corner on the left behind a large rusty structure, find a thermos (99).

Now run to the generator, start it, and call the elevator. Thugs will come out, so get ready to defend yourself.

Note: If you’re playing on Nightmare difficulty, behind this generator, you’ll find a manuscript page (15).

As soon as you leave the elevator, the last page of the manuscript (91) in the game will be under your feet. You will get the achievement “Collecting Waste Paper.”

Go to a huge tornado, protect yourself from flying objects along the way. Destroy the darkness with the help of a flashlight, flares, and a flare gun. Get the “Tornamon Tamer” achievement.

After the battle, you’ll wake up in an apartment in New York. Alice will send you to bed, but this is not your wife. Go into the hall, take a flashlight, and burn the word on the table. A switch will appear. Click, watch the cutscene, and move into the dark world. Words are scattered around; behind the sofa on the right is the word “thermos.” Burn it out and take the last thermos (100) of coffee in the game. Get the “Coffeeman” achievement.

Congratulations! You have completely completed Alan Wake and can now begin completing the expansions.

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