Life is Strange: Episode 2 Walkthrough

Welcome everyone! We continue our journey through Life is Strange, now delving into the second episode – “Out of Time”.

In this guide, I’ll cover all choices and their consequences, guide you through solving puzzles, and detail how to capture all photos in Life is Strange: Out of Time. Let’s remember the decisions we made in the first episode because we will soon witness their outcomes and make many more pivotal choices.

Episode Two: Out of Time

Chapters list:

  1. Dormitories
  2. Main Campus
  3. Diner
  4. Junkyard
  5. Railroad
  6. High School
  7. Dormitories (Saving Kate)
  8. Principal’s Office


Photos – 1

The episode kicks off in the women’s dormitory. Max awakens to the sound of an alarm clock. While we have familiarized ourselves with many items in the room during the first episode, there are still things to do. Near the window, you have the option to water the plant. However, if you watered it in the first episode, I’d advise against it this time or it will die in the third episode.

If you chose to mock Victoria in the previous episode, a taunting photo courtesy of Blackwell’s prime bully will be plastered on your cabinet.

On the table near the laptop, you can snap a selfie with your new camera, but no achievement will be awarded.

After exploring the room, grab your shower accessories and head to the corridor.

Attention! In the corridor, you’ll encounter Alyssa being pelted with toilet paper. Save her by rewinding time and advising her to step away. This marks the second time you’ve come to her aid.

Instead of rushing to the shower room, visit Dana’s room. She’s dancing on her bed, and a conversation will lead to her inviting you to a Halloween party.

Exit back to the corridor and engage in a brief talk with Juliet. She’ll question you about the infamous video involving Kate. When you rebuke her for sharing it, she’ll caution you about being overly kind. Brooke is also available for a talk, but it doesn’t offer any crucial insights.

Now, proceed to the shower room. Here, you’ll meet Kate, who appears to be in distress by the mirror.

Engage her in conversation. She’ll express gratitude for supporting her during the spat with David and will request the return of her book, which sets your next objective.

Upon finishing the talk, hop into the shower. A scene unfolds where Victoria and Taylor enter, making fun of Kate. The humiliated girl rushes out, but you remain, eavesdropping on the duo. It becomes evident that Nathan drugged Kate and filmed an inappropriate video with her.

Victoria will scrawl a link to the video on the mirror using lipstick. Here’s an important decision:

Erase the inscription. This act can be cited later when attempting to prevent Kate from jumping. The mirror will, however, retain lipstick marks.

Leave it as is. The link remains, affecting later episodes based on your choices involving Kate.

My suggestion is to erase the inscription.

After handling the situation, head back to your room, get dressed, and retrieve Kate’s book which lies by the sofa. But be cautious! As you reach for it, a soda glass topples over, ruining the book. Rewind time to circumvent the spill.

Move the glass aside, then collect the book. Now, it’s time to visit Kate’s room.

Note: If you reported Nathan’s gun incident to the principal in the first episode, you’ll receive a menacing text from a hidden number as you exit to the corridor. Also, if you don’t handle this situation carefully, upon your return, you’ll find your room ransacked.

Kate’s room is directly opposite yours. Erase the mocking inscription on the board near her door to support her further.

Inside, there are items to inspect. The tablet on the couch reveals a disheartening message from Kate’s mother regarding the party video. Near the closet, there’s a letter from Aunt Marsh expressing her disappointment.

Near the closet, you can take a photo (1) of the rabbit in the cage to earn a Steam achievement.

It’s evident that Kate’s deeply religious upbringing magnifies her distress, with the leaked video taking a heavy toll on her psyche.

Engage Kate in conversation. She’ll recount her night at the party, revealing how Nathan misled her with the promise of help but ultimately took advantage of her vulnerable state.

After sharing her harrowing experience, she’ll request you to place her book in her bag and then ask whether she should report the incident to the police. Here lies another pivotal choice:

GO TO THE POLICE. Kate will appreciate your guidance, and later, she’ll send a thankful message. This choice will also make it easier to save her during a crucial moment on the rooftop.

LOOK FOR PROOF. Kate will become despondent and end the conversation abruptly. A somber message expressing her disappointment will be sent later. The upcoming rooftop scene will be more challenging, with only one correct answer out of four available choices to save her.

I strongly recommend the first option: GO TO THE POLICE.

Concluding your visit, exit Kate’s room and make your way to the courtyard. As you step out, a message from Chloe pops up on your phone. She’s awaiting your arrival at the diner.

Main Campus

Photos 1

Upon stepping outside, resist the urge to immediately depart the yard. Firstly, let’s capture the second photo and converse with a few individuals. Move to the right towards a tree near Samuel’s utility room, which is where we first captured a photo of a squirrel in the first episode of Life is Strange.

By the bench, there’s a wastebasket containing a half-eaten donut. Inspect the wastebasket, then opt for the “Use” action.

Max will set the donut remnants on the bench. Take a few steps back and patiently wait for the squirrel to approach. Once it reaches for the donut, snap a photo (2).

Next, venture to Samuel’s back room.

On a chair to the right, you’ll discover some documents, among which are photos of Rachel.

This discovery unlocks a new dialogue option. Engage Samuel, who’s seated on a bench nearby, in conversation.

Choose “Rachel” as your response.

This provides more insight into the missing girl.

Afterwards, approach Taylor, who’s lounging under a tree. She might come off as a bit brusque initially.

Respond with “Let’s not fight.

Then inquire about her friendship with Victoria. Taylor will open up about her mother. Rewind time and initiate another conversation with her.

This time, select “About your mom.

Taylor will discuss her issues and express gratitude for your concern. As you head towards the parking lot exit, Warren will greet you, extending an invitation to the movies.

Your choices are:

Accept the invitation. Warren will bombard you with reminder messages. Your relationship with Brooke will take a significant hit, a fact that becomes evident in the fourth episode.

Decline. Warren will still send messages, albeit with pleas to reconsider. Your relationship with Brooke remains intact, and she’ll attend the party with Warren.

With this settled, exit the location and board the bus bound for the diner. A scenic journey ensues, acquainting you with the town of Arcadia Bay.


Photos 3

Before heading into the diner, explore the parking lot. You’ll spot Frank’s van showcasing our “Wash me” inscription from the first episode. After observing, talk with the fisherman nearby.

Before heading into the diner, snap a photo (3) of the sign atop its roof.

Continuing along the sidewalk behind the diner, you’ll encounter a man engrossed in a newspaper. He’ll share a prediction that Arcadia Bay is soon to become a ghost town.

At the diner’s entrance, a homeless woman is available to engage in conversation, providing insight into her life if you wish.

Continuing on, approach the grate. Move closer, and the option to “Photo” (4) will appear, allowing you to capture the dog.

Now, head inside the diner. Immediately turn left, heading for the restroom. Graffiti is etched onto the mirror – capture it (5).

Return to the main dining area and take a seat at a distant table. Shortly after, Joyce (Chloe’s mom) approaches, reminiscing about the previous day’s weed incident involving David, for which we accepted the blame.

If we hadn’t sided with Chloe, Joyce would have commented on her daughter’s unpreparedness for adulthood. Following this, you’ll get to place a breakfast order: either a Bacon omelette or a Belgian waffle.

Note: In the fifth episode, within the nightmare sequence in the diner, Max will be seen consuming the dish you select now (I chose the bacon omelet, but the choice is ultimately inconsequential).

After ordering, enjoy your coffee and gaze outside. As your omelet arrives, Chloe enters, engaging in a heated exchange with Joyce. Once settled, Chloe challenges you to showcase your abilities, commencing a game.

Initially, Chloe quizzes you on the contents of her pockets. Any response will suffice at this point, as there’s no correct answer yet.

She’ll proceed to empty her pockets, revealing:

  • A panda keychain;
  • 7 cigarettes;
  • 86 cents;
  • A parking ticket from 10:34.

To continue the challenge, memorize these items, rewind time, and provide the correct answers. Yet, Chloe’s tests don’t end here. She asks for irrefutable proof of your abilities.

Now, keenly observe the diner’s surroundings, memorizing the forthcoming events to later predict them for Chloe:

  • A trucker spills his mug.
  • A radio call beckons a policeman, causing his partner to exit without him.
  • Justin and Trevor instigate a fight, which Joyce intervenes in.
  • A machine malfunctions when a cockroach infiltrates it.

After this test, Max experiences a nosebleed, prompting Chloe to suggest relocating to her secret hideout.

As you head for the diner’s exit, Kate rings. Here, a choice emerges:

ANSWER: Max feels satisfied with supporting Kate, but guilty towards Chloe, who argues with her mother during the call. Later, Kate sends a grateful message, and saving her from potential suicide becomes more straightforward. In episode four, Chloe admits she was wrong to get upset over the call.

DON’T ANSWER: Chloe is pleased. However, Kate sends a saddened message. It becomes challenging to prevent her from jumping off the roof in the future, although you can justify your action with the “It was on silent mode” excuse. In episode four, Chloe apologizes for being self-centered at that moment.

Given the gravity of saving Kate, I opted for the first choice ANSWER.

With this decision made, exit the diner and head to the landfill.


Photos 2

As we step into the dump, Chloe, eager for some adventurous fun, sets up an impromptu shooting range using nearby objects. She then assigns us the task of finding five glass bottles.

The first bottle is perched on a red basin near the bus. When we attempt to grab it, we inadvertently drop and break it. A rewind in time easily fixes this mishap.

To the right of an old refrigerator, a wooden crate lies. Moving this crate allows us to retrieve a beer bottle.

For the second bottle, head up the hill located behind Chloe.

At its peak, a long plank is positioned.

After adjusting this plank, you can access the ship and find the second beer bottle.

The third bottle is concealed in Chloe’s hideout near the railroad tracks, resting on a chair beside a pizza box.

This spot also offers a chance to explore more about Rachel. Graffiti on a wall reads, “Chloe was here” and “Rachel was here”. You can leave your mark by writing “Max was here”. In Episode 4, changes to these inscriptions reveal more about the ongoing narrative.

Continuing your search, head past the hideout and left along the railway.

A narrow passage between the carriages leads to a fire site. Just beyond this fire, on a piece of wood, the fourth bottle awaits.

Heading back, a pile of garbage threatens to topple over. Rewind time to safely pass.

The fifth bottle is situated on the hood of a car, near the dump’s entrance, which also leads to a meadow.

With all bottles collected, before returning to Chloe, capture a couple of photos. Venturing further into the clearing, Max spots a spectral doe.

By getting closer, you can snap a photo (6).

Loop around the bus from the other side. With the correct angle, you can photograph it (7).

We then return to Chloe, set up all the bottles, and begin our shooting range game. Chloe takes her shots, and we guide her. After she fires, we see where the bullet lands, rewind time, and adjust our instructions accordingly:

First, we suggest aiming to the right.
Then, aiming higher.

Later, Chloe wants to ricochet her shots off an object to hit the bottles. The right choice for this is the wheel rim. After that, the focus shifts to a rusty car, and we have to pick a target for Chloe. Here’s where it gets interesting:

Bumper – the bullet ricochets towards Chloe.
Windshield – not much occurs, though a squirrel dashes out.
Tank – the car catches fire, but the bottles stay unscathed.
Wheel – the car topples over, crushing the bottles underneath.

Handing the bottles to Chloe, a shooting game ensues. After a few shots, Max’s recurring visions and physical strain become evident, leading to another blackout and vision of an impending storm.

Upon regaining consciousness, Max finds herself resting on Chloe’s lap in the dump. Once recovered, capture a photo (8) of Chloe lounging on a wrecked car’s hood.

Engage in a conversation with Chloe, leading to a scene where Max handles a gun. Their interaction is interrupted by Frank, a local drug dealer.

He confronts Chloe over a debt and flaunts Rachel’s bracelet, leading to a tense standoff.

You’re faced with a choice:

Shoot: The gun, unbeknownst to Max, is not loaded. While this agitates Frank, Chloe is grateful for the gesture.

Don’t Shoot: Frank, amused at Max’s hesitance, confiscates the gun, leaving Chloe disgruntled.

In my playthrough, I chose the first option to align with Chloe, knowing that the gun was empty.

The scene at the dump concludes with a serene walk alongside Chloe on the train tracks.


As we stroll along the railroad, Chloe reveals her reasons for associating with people like Frank.

Eventually, we reach a nearby warehouse, and as we lay on the tracks, we engage in a deep conversation with Chloe. Regardless of our dialogue choices, they won’t significantly impact the overall narrative.

As Max stands to capture the setting sun, she’s suddenly overwhelmed by a vision of a devastating tornado sweeping over Arcadia Bay. This trance is interrupted by Chloe’s desperate cries. Her foot is trapped in the tracks, and the ominous sound of an oncoming train grows louder.

It’s up to us to free Chloe.

Two rescue methods present themselves: the first is straightforward but forceful, while the second involves a touch more finesse.

Depending on our choice:

  • Opting for the direct approach means that in the third episode, a truck driver will mention being stranded in Arcadia Bay due to the train diverting its course.
  • The more intricate solution, which involves tampering with the control panel, will lead to the truck driver later lamenting about the lack of work opportunities in the town.

Let’s delve into the first method. Ascend to the warehouse to locate a crowbar.

Circumvent the warehouse, and on its opposite side, you’ll find a hefty spool. Merely pushing it isn’t an option due to obstructions.

Remove the obstacle and push the spool. The resulting impact reroutes the tracks, liberating Chloe.

The second method demands prompt action.

With the clock ticking, our focus shifts to the control panel by the tracks. Ascend to the warehouse, use the crowbar to pry open the door, and discover a toolbox. From its contents, grab the pliers. Proceeding to the tracks, snip the red wire in the control panel.

Subsequently, activate the lever, realigning the tracks and enabling Chloe to free herself.

Kudos on saving Chloe! While both methods are effective, I lean towards the first for its efficiency.

Following the rescue, we head to school with Chloe providing a direct drop-off.

High School

Photos 2

Back at Blackwell Academy, a short distance into the hallway reveals Courtney diligently drafting a guest list for the upcoming Cyclone party. Approaching her could possibly earn us an invitation. As the conversation unfolds, our first attempt proves fruitless. Courtney critiques our fashion sense, deeming it incompatible with the Cyclone’s stringent dress code.

We rewind time and approach her anew.

This time, selecting “Dress code?” from the dialogue options surprises Courtney. She recognizes our newfound interest, includes us on the guest list, and even offers to assist in selecting our attire for the event.

Venturing further down the corridor, David intercepts us, expressing regret over his previous abrasive behavior. We have the opportunity to question him about both Kate and Rachel.

The conversation wraps up swiftly. Before heading to Jefferson’s office, we enter the Natural Sciences classroom (104) to assist Warren with an experiment.

Within, Miss Grant expresses gratitude for our support against the surveillance cameras. Warren, deep in his experiment, seeks our advice on a reagent to add.

Initially, the correct choice isn’t obvious, so we give any suggestion. Turning to Miss Grant for insight, she suggests Chlorine.

Rewinding time and advising Warren accordingly leads to a successful outcome, granting us a photo (9) opportunity of the budding chemist.

Moving to the adjacent classroom, we witness a tense exchange between Jefferson and Kate. The distraught Kate exits in tears. Speaking with Jefferson, he criticizes our lack of tangible evidence regarding David’s misconduct.

The conversation is cut short by a phone call, signaling our entry into the classroom.

After an optional talk with Daniel and photographing (10) Alyssa, we sit at our desk.

Victoria and Nathan occupy the adjacent seats, throwing veiled jibes our way. As the lecture commences, a message from Chloe arrives. Any attempt to reply earns a reprimand from Jefferson. The lecture is abruptly halted by Zachary’s announcement of an alarming situation near the female dormitory, sending everyone rushing out.

Dormitories (Saving Kate)

Arriving at the female dormitory presents a heart-wrenching sight: Kate stands precariously on the roof’s edge, with onlookers below.

Our mission is clear – save Kate.

Despite our attempts to rewind time, Kate’s plunge is swift, rendering our power seemingly ineffective.

However, a latent ability emerges in Max: the power to halt time. With time momentarily suspended, we approach Kate.

On the roof, our powers vanish. Kate’s fate rests solely in our hands. Based on our previous supportive actions, we’re better equipped to assist. Our responses are as follows:

“You matter, not just to me”, referencing the erased bullying comments near her room.

You’re my friend”, recalling the removal of the video link in the shower.

“You were drugged”, promising to hold those responsible accountable.

“Be strong”, extending an offer of comfort and support.

“Your father”, reminding her of her father’s potential grief.

Each decision deeply impacts the overarching narrative:

  • If Kate survives, the community expresses their gratitude. The episode’s end showcases Kate’s hospital room, with cheerful balloons and messages of support flooding our social media. The cloud over Kate dissipates as people forget the video, and she remains immensely grateful.
  • If Kate passes away, Max grapples with overwhelming guilt. The school community mourns collectively, and the haunting reminder of Kate’s actions will re-emerge during the game’s nightmare sequence.

Post-roof scene, we find ourselves in the principal’s office.

Principal’s Office

After the incident on the roof, we are summoned to the principal’s office. Inside, we’ll be faced with the opportunity to lay the blame on one of the individuals present. The principal will criticize the security guard’s negligence for not locking the doors to the roof.

He will also want to discuss the situation with Jefferson (as he was Kate’s teacher) and question Nathan, who is the organizer of the Vortex Club parties (given that Kate’s last known location was there).

Here, we’ll have to make a choice on whom to pin the blame:

He will send threatening messages from anonymous numbers. On Victoria’s laptop, we’ll find a disturbing message from Nathan about us. Dana will inquire about Nathan’s connection to Kate’s suicide attempt. Nathan will not forget to remind us about his suspension. Victoria will also show discontent with our decision, and in the fourth episode, she will blame us. In the fifth episode, Jefferson will express gratitude for us diverting suspicions away from him.

Nathan won’t send any hostile messages. Dana will post a comment about Max’s decision, shifting her status from ‘Hero of the Day’. Jefferson will cancel the trip to San Francisco. Victoria will send us an angry message. In the fifth episode, Jefferson will mention that he nearly got caught, and it was only the principal’s alcoholism that prevented Jefferson from being completely dismissed from the school.

Nathan won’t contact Max. An update about David’s suspension will appear on her laptop. Dana will be curious about David’s connection to Kate’s suicide attempt. Max will confide in Chloe about the increasing difficulties she’s facing at school. After his suspension from the school, David will work night shifts to support his family. In episode five, Jefferson will revel in our decision to wrongly accuse an innocent man.

While it might seem logical to blame Jefferson for everything (considering we know he’s the main culprit), most players tend to choose Nathan (who also plays a significant role in the story).

Since this is my third playthrough, I choose to blame the teacher.

This concludes the walkthrough for the 2nd episode of Life is Strange.

We’ve examined all the possible choices and their consequences, and also took an additional 10 photos.

Up next, we’ll be diving into the walkthrough for the 3rd episode of Life is Strange.

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